January 23, 2018

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Understanding Air Intakes

Understanding Ram Air Intakes

Automotive Basics
There are various kinds or styles of air intake to choose from but if you are not aware how each type works, you might get confused about which one is the best choice. Among the [Read More…]
Transmission Mount

Understanding Transmission Mounts

Automotive Basics
Comfort and utility have been two of the most looked into features of the modern automobile, other than the usual fuel economy and improved horsepower. Companies like have spent a substantial amount of time and [Read More…]
Build Your Own Hot Rod

How To Build Your Own Hot Rod

How To & DIY
The resources below are intended to help facilitate your hot rod build from inspiration and planning to building and customization. Use these tools to help locate donor vehicles and parts cars, and determine what other [Read More…]

Understanding Distributors

Automotive Basics
The distributor is found in the ignition system of an internal combustion engine and it is commonly referred to a device that routes the high voltage into the correct firing order to the spark plugs. [Read More…]
Auto Polo - The Sport of the Brave

Auto Polo – The Sport of the Brave

Auto polo was invented in the United States with rules and equipment similar to equestrian polo, and of course used automobiles instead of horses. The sport was popular at fairs, exhibitions and sports venues across [Read More…]

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Technical Info

Wheel, Tire and Custom Offset Calculator

Wheel and Tire Technical Information – Calculate Wheel Fitment, Tire Stretch and Rolling Radius. Includes Speedometer Error Calculator. Play with specs, try different settings and combinations, compare results… [Read More…]
Suspension Lift Kits

Understanding Suspension Lift Kits

Automotive Basics
Suspension Lift Kits are a system of springs used to raise a vehicle by suspending the frame, body, engine and power train above the wheels. It is a modification, often done by Jeep, truck, suv [Read More...]

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