May 26, 2018

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The Dreise Steampunk Hot Rod

The Dreise Steampunk Hot Rod

The Dreise Steampunk Hot Rod was recently finished after a year long build, this is a 1935 Chevy modified to fit onto a custom built frame with hand built sheet metal and parts, all raw then cleared to seal the finish. The truck is powered by a Chevy 350 and is a daily driver. [Read More…]
How To Install a Train Horn

How To Install a Train Horn

How To & DIY
A full overview and how to video of installing an air-powered train horn… Alternate Video: You may skip ahead below to view different sections of: (00:00) Intro (01:10) Wiring  (04:07) Train Horn Overview (08:58) Tank [Read More…]
Auto Polo - The Sport of the Brave

Auto Polo – The Sport of the Brave

Auto polo was invented in the United States with rules and equipment similar to equestrian polo, and of course used automobiles instead of horses. The sport was popular at fairs, exhibitions and sports venues across the United States and several areas in Europe from 1911 until the late 1920s. [Read More…]

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Build Your Own Hot Rod
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How To Build A Hot Rod

Learn how to build a hot rod with these resources that help facilitate your build from inspiration and planning to building and customization. These tools help locate donor vehicles, project cars, and can determine what other cars have the parts you need (a big help at the salvage yard). Start you build here! [Read More…]
Install Transmission Temperature Gauge
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How To Install A Transmission Temperature Gauge

A Transmission Temperature Gauge allows you to monitor the operating temperature of your transmission by measuring the transmission fluid’s temperature. Overseeing these temperatures assists in ensuring that your transmission does not overheat causing major damage. [Read More…]