How Buff’s 1963 Pontiac Grand Prix Shift Knob Was Made

Custom Shift Knob for a Pontiac Grand Prix

Buff from Buff’s Garage recently tackled the resurrection of a 1963 Pontiac Grand Prix, fondly named the “Slammed Prix,” salvaged from a Kansas tree line after 30 years of neglect. In a bid to add a personalized touch to this revived classic, we decided it needed a custom shift knob.

This video takes you behind the scenes of our creative process as we craft a masterpiece featuring embedded Pontiac emblems in a four-color epoxy resin shifter knob.

We begin by searching for the perfect Pontiac lapel or hat pins on eBay, ultimately finding a couple of choice ones for this project. Armed with inspiration, we start with a 2/3 black blank and drill and tap it.

To elevate the shift knob’s design, we use a meticulous process to introduce colors. We drill recesses for red and white epoxy, creating distinctive stripes that will make the shift knob stand out. The epoxy is mixed in a precise one-to-one ratio, dyed accordingly, and poured into the designated section, resulting in a vibrant and visually striking red stripe around a white field.

We carefully place Pontiac emblems upon the cured epoxy layers, ensuring they become an integral part of the shift knob’s design.

With the red and white layers cured and the emblems in place, We move on to the final step – the clear epoxy layer. This layer not only encapsulates the design but also provides a glossy finish. The shift knob is then meticulously shaped, sanded, and polished, bringing the entire creation to life.

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at How Buff’s Garage Custom Pontiac Grand Prix Shift Knob Was Made

This video offers you a glimpse into the meticulous process of crafting a custom shift knob. While the video isn’t a step-by-step tutorial, it provides a valuable behind-the-scenes perspective on the artistry and dedication required to transform a basic car component into a personalized masterpiece.

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