How To Build A Hot Rod

Build Your Own Hot Rod
The Roadkill Customs Shop Truck was built in 30 days for under $1,000 ~ Here's how we did it...

The resources below are intended to help facilitate your hot rod build from inspiration and planning to building and customization. Use these tools to help locate donor vehicles and parts cars, and determine what other vehicles have the parts you need (a big help at the junk or salvage yard). Start your build below.

Find a Project Vehicle or Parts Donor

AMC  ~  Buick  ~  Cadillac  ~  Chevrolet  ~  Chrysler  ~  DeSoto  ~  Dodge  ~  Eagle  ~  Edsel  ~  Ford  ~  GMC  ~  International Harvester  ~  Jeep  ~  Lincoln  ~  Mercury Nash  ~  Oldsmobile  ~  Packard  ~  Plymouth  ~  Pontiac  ~  Studebaker  ~  Volkswagen  ~  Willys  ~  Hot Rods  ~  Rat Rods  ~  Motorcycles ~  Mini Bikes ~  Go-Karts

Find a Junk Yard in Your Area
Chassis Swap Donor Vehicle Search (WB in Inches)
Engine / Transmission Donor Vehicle Search

What’s going to fit (or what vehicles have the parts that will):

Other things to consider:

Find Salvaged and Used Parts and Accessories

Vintage Car & Truck Parts

Find a Junk Yard in Your Area

Customization and Universal Kits

Build Your Hot Rod

How To & DIY Videos:

Make It Yours:

Make It Legal:

State Hot Rod Information
(State DMV, Insurance, Appraisal, Title, Registration, Car Clubs, Vendors & Hot Rod Shops, Junk & Salvage Yards, Motorsports Facilities)