Soaking A Rusty Chassis in Nearly 2,000 Liters of Evaporust

Rusty Chassis

In the latest video from Edd China, the renowned mechanic and host takes on the challenge of tackling rust on a 1986 Range Rover chassis.

Edd asks: Is the chelation process magic or simply beautiful science? Regardless of the answer, the undeniable results are showcased as Edd immerses the rusty chassis in 1935 liters of Evaporust. The goal? To remove not only the exterior rust but also address concerns about the interior of the chassis.

Edd begins by explaining the necessity of this process. Despite previous efforts involving laser cleaning, rust removal, and welding in fresh repair panels, the chassis has succumbed to the elements over the past year. The untreated clean metal has rusted, bringing him back to square one…