August 21, 2018

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The NewMad - 1955 Chevrolet Nomad Custom

The NewMad – 1955 Chevrolet Nomad Custom

24,000 – That’s how many man-hours it took to build the “NewMad”. 24,000 hours and 1.3 million dollars. Hot rod designer Chris Ito was commissioned to pen the redesign. The NewMad began its life as the first generation Chevrolet Nomad, the halo model wagon derived from the Motorama Corvette of 1953-54. […]
Classic Truck Beds For Sale in Harvard, Nebraska

Classic Truck Beds For Sale in Harvard, Nebraska

Parts and Projects For Sale
Classic/Vintage Truck Bed/Trailer Pricing: $250-500 each. CALL 402-469-5703 for info or to set up a appointment. Have forklift to load. Willing to store for reasonable amount of time if paid for. First Come, First Served. Rudy’s Classic Auto […]
1940 Willys Cabover Custom

1940 Willys Cabover Custom

Builds / Projects
This is a very well photo documented build that combines a ’40 Willys Sedan, a ’92 Dodge 1 ton truck, and a whole lot of metal work to create a beautiful custom Willys cabover There are 13 slideshows and a final drive video. Built by Chris Boggess, Hot Rod Technology Instructor at Utah Valley University. […]
How To Channel a Model A Body

How To Channel A Ford Model A Body

Builds / Projects
In a previous post, a simple hot rod chassis from scratch for a 1930 Ford Model A Coupe was demonstrated… The chassis and project is now ready to start channeling the body down over the frame to […]
Install Transmission Temperature Gauge

How To Install A Transmission Temperature Gauge

How To & DIY
A Transmission Temperature Gauge allows you to monitor the operating temperature of your transmission by measuring the transmission fluid’s temperature. Overseeing these temperatures assists in ensuring that your transmission does not overheat causing major damage. […]

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Welder Series Step Notch Full Assembly
Builds / Projects

How To Install a Universal Rear Step Notch Kit

The Welder Series Universal Rear Step Notch Kit is easy to assemble and install. The pieces fit together using alignment tabs to make clamping and welding a breeze. These kits are typically used in the custom car, truck and mini truck market to drop the frame past the rear axle. […]
How To Fix and Prevent Drive Shaft Vibration
How To & DIY

How To Fix/Prevent Driveline Vibration

Drive-Shaft/Universal Joint Cancellation Problem: Driveline / drive-shaft vibration. Driveline geometry incorrect. Drive Shaft Harmonics The process that can be used to address a condition called drive-shaft/universal joint cancellation, often referred to as adjusting pinion angle.  This […]
Build Your Own Hot Rod
Builds / Projects

How To Build A Hot Rod

Learn how to build a hot rod with these resources that help facilitate your build from inspiration and planning to building and customization. These tools help locate donor vehicles, project cars, and can determine what other cars have the parts you need (a big help at the salvage yard). Start you build here! […]
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