Barn Tour: A Pontiac from EVERY Decade & RARE International Trucks

Pontiac and International Harvester Truck Collection

Exploring the backroads of rural Maine, Tom, host of the popular series “Barn Find Hunter,” recently stumbled upon a hidden automotive paradise. Nestled on a property adorned with vintage gas pumps and signs, this discovery marked the beginning of a remarkable journey into the world of classic vehicles. Join us as we unveil the diverse collection found on Charlie’s property, featuring rare International Trucks and a Pontiac from every decade.

  1. International Scout II (0:58): A rugged classic, standing the test of time.
  2. Toyota Land Cruiser (2:03): Off-road prowess in its purest form.
  3. 1920 Pontiacs (3:00): A glimpse into the early days of Pontiac’s legacy.
  4. 1937 Pontiac (3:37): The first old car, a true vintage beauty.
  5. 1948 Convertible Pontiac (4:05): Classic charm meets open-air cruising.
  6. 1951 Sedan Delivery Pontiac (4:36): Blending style with utility.
  7. 1967 International Travelall (5:03): A journey back to the late ’60s with International flair.
  8. Tri-Power GTO Convertible 4-speed (6:32): Muscle car perfection in a convertible form.
  9. 1977 Can-Am (6.6L V8) (8:19): A powerhouse from the late ’70s.
  10. 1977 Trans-Am (9:46): Preserving the original essence of a Trans-Am legend.
  11. Tom’s first time with a Trans-Am (11:29): An exciting personal encounter.
  12. International S-120 (12:25): A robust workhorse from the International lineup.
  13. 1943 (War Year) International Stake Bed (13:36): A historical artifact from the war era.
  14. 1916 Signal (Will it Run?) (14:26): Uncovering the mystery of a century-old vehicle.
  15. Grumman Bread Van (15:50): Delivering nostalgia with a vintage bread van.
  16. Budweiser International Eagle Cab Over (17:15): A unique piece of commercial history.
  17. Fiat 500 (19:04): Italian style compacted into a timeless design.
  18. 1951 Pontiac (20:20): A Pontiac gem from the early ’50s.
  19. Ford Pickup (inherited) (21:20): Preserving family legacy with a classic Ford pickup.

Tom’s unexpected find in rural Maine took us on a captivating journey through automotive history. The diverse collection of Pontiacs and International Trucks showcased the passion and dedication of collector Charlie. With its unique story and original condition, each vehicle added a layer to the rich tapestry of classic automobiles.