DIY Hot Tank: Cleaning Engine Parts with a Homemade Barbecue

DIY Engine Dip Tank

A recent YouTube video from Diymike caught our attention as it showcased a unique contraption designed for a specific purpose – a DIY hot tank for cleaning engines and other automotive parts. Let’s take a look at the process of making a hot tank from scratch and see its impressive results in rejuvenating a cylinder head.

The DIY Hot Tank Setup

Mike and his buddy kick off with a touch of humor as the creator introduces the contraption, which is essentially a DIY hot tank. The purpose? Barbecuing cylinder heads and engines to rid them of grime and gunk. The setup consists of a metal trash can, a burner, and a special solution – in this case, a heavy-duty degreaser from ZEP that is aluminum-safe. What is the total cost of the setup? A mere $40, significantly less than what one might spend on professional hot tanking services.

The Process Unveiled

The guys take us through the step-by-step process of using the DIY hot tank. The key advantage? No scrubbing is required. The goal is to automate the cleaning process, saving both time and effort. A cylinder head, in dire need of cleaning, serves as the guinea pig for this experiment. Covered in layers of grime, it’s the perfect candidate for a DIY hot tank treatment.

One Hour In

The results are already visible after just one hour in the hot tank. The grime is visibly breaking down, and the cylinder head is showing signs of improvement. The guys emphasize the ease of the process, mentioning that the hot tanking setup is doing the work without manual scrubbing.

Hour and a Half Update

The guys provide an update after an hour and a half, revealing even more promising results. The grime is breaking down and easily wiped away with a microfiber cloth.

The Aftermath

As the experiment concludes, the guys showcase the aftermath of the DIY hot tank treatment. The engine block and cylinder head look remarkably cleaner, almost like new. The creators highlight the project’s cost-effectiveness, considering the minimal investment required for the setup.

The DIY hot tank is a game-changer for enthusiasts looking to restore engine parts without breaking the bank. This creative approach saves money and provides a satisfying and effective solution for cleaning and rejuvenating automotive components. As the video concludes, it’s evident that this DIY hot tank has earned its place as a valuable tool.