Electric Cooling Fans 101: What the Pros Know that YOU Don’t

Dual Electric Cooling Fans

Unveiling the Secrets of Electric Cooling Fans: A Deep Dive with Old Anvil TV and Derale Performance

Old Anvil TV, hosted by Paul, is back with another exciting project episode on their 1963 International Truck. This time, they’re tackling the crucial aspect of keeping things cool, especially with a powerful Whipple supercharger generating around 900 horsepower.

Electric Cooling Fans 101 Highlights

Fans we Chose: For efficient cooling, Derale Performance recommends their 12-inch fans like the 16924 model, offering a remarkable 2,000 CFM each. The proprietary design ensures high quality and reliability, while their true CFM rating allows for accurate performance assessment.

Fan Control: With a Holley ECU in place, fan control becomes a breeze. Derale Performance suggests using a single-speed fan for simplicity, and Paul contemplates programming one fan to kick in at 165°F and the other at 185°F for optimal efficiency.

PWM Controller: The Pro Swift modulated controller stands out as a popular option, providing variable speed control based on temperature needs. This modernized unit ensures the fan operates as required, minimizing unnecessary noise and power consumption.

Choosing the right size fan: Considering the size of the radiator is crucial. Derale Performance recommends achieving at least 75% coverage of the radiator core or more. Collaboration with radiator manufacturers like Griffin provides a diverse range of shroud sizes to cover popular core dimensions.

Derale Fan Unboxing: Paul and Cam unbox the Derale fan, emphasizing its robust design, minimal blade angle for quiet operation, and the thoughtful inclusion of features like a trailing edge for noise reduction.

Fan Mounting Options: Phil, the fabricator, showcases various mounting options, including dropped-down brackets and stepped-out feet for different applications. The preference for mounting fans within a shroud enhances aesthetics and improves efficiency by creating a vacuum effect.

How to choose a fan for your application: Cam advises selecting a fan size that covers at least 75% of the radiator core. Derale Performance’s extensive catalog, developed in collaboration with radiator manufacturers, ensures a variety of shroud sizes to accommodate different vehicles.

Budget fan control options: For budget-conscious individuals, Derale Performance offers traditional relay kits, manual switches, and thermal switches in the 180° and 190°F range. These options provide flexibility while catering to different price ranges.

Fan Shroud Fab: Phil, the mastermind behind the fan shroud, shares his fabrication process. The attention to detail is evident, from offsetting the shroud to accommodate radiator inlets and outlets to using a radius brake for a visually appealing curve.

Shroud Design & Fabrication: Phil’s detailed walkthrough includes creating relief rings, using a radius brake for curves, and strategically placing brackets with future upgrades in mind. The result is an aluminum shroud that complements the overall build and integrates seamlessly with the radiator.

Finished Fan Shroud: The finished fan shroud is a testament to meticulous planning, skilled craftsmanship, and collaborative efforts. Phil’s design enhances the visual appeal and ensures optimal functionality and future adaptability.

Video Chapters and Timestamps:

  • 00:00 Coming Up
  • 00:27 Intro
  • 01:28 Fans we Chose
  • 02:31 Fan Control
  • 03:13 Fan Noise & Blade Design
  • 03:38 PWM Controller
  • 04:52 Choosing the right size fan
  • 06:04 Derale Fan Unboxing
  • 06:53 Which fan design is quietest?
  • 07:20 Fan Mounting Options
  • 09:57 How to choose a fan for your application
  • 10:55 Budget fan control options
  • 11:43 Fan Shroud Fab
  • 12:21 Shroud Design & Fabrication
  • 17:46 Finished Fan Shroud

In this Old Anvil TV episode, viewers gain valuable insights into the intricacies of electric cooling fans, and the artistry involved in fabricating a custom fan shroud. Derale Performance emerges as a reliable partner, offering high-quality solutions for enthusiasts seeking effective and efficient vehicle cooling solutions. Visit Derale Performance at https://derale.com.