Will An 8 KW Diesel Heater Heat An 800 Square Foot Garage?

8 KW Diesel Heater from Vevor

Fitzee’s Fabrications Tests Vevor’s 8 KW Diesel Heater for Winter Warmth

Fitzee recently received an 8-kilowatt diesel heater from Vevor and decided to try it in his garage. Although initially planning to use it in his camper, he considered testing it in the garage during the winter. With over 800 square feet of garage space, Fitzy was curious to see if the heater could effectively warm up the area during the cold weather.

In the video, Fitzee shared his experience of setting up the diesel heater, including some metal fabrication work to modify his garage door for the exhaust. He emphasized that his garage, measuring 26×32 with 10-foot ceilings, was well-insulated and sealed, creating an ideal environment for the experiment.

Vevor had previously sent Fitzee other tools, such as a hoist and a jack, which he found useful. Intrigued by the diesel heater, Fitzee discussed its versatility, with users employing it in various settings like garages, tents, campers, and even houses.

The video follows the unboxing and assembly of the diesel heater, including components like the fuel pump, blower, inlet, exhaust, and other attachments. Fitzee expressed his intention to use the heater temporarily in the garage until he could set it up in his camper. He addressed concerns like potential fuel line issues, but after a quick inspection, he decided not to make any modifications.

Fitzee then demonstrated how he elevated the heater using 4×4 pressure-treated wood, ensuring it was positioned correctly for efficient operation. He also discussed the challenges of venting the exhaust and showcased his DIY solution, involving a custom exhaust pipe and a sealed access panel in the garage door.

The video details Fitzee’s welding work to secure the exhaust pipe and his creative approach to making a weatherproof access panel for hoses and cables. He even adds a chain mechanism to prevent the access panel from getting lost.

After completing the setup, Fitzee shared his initial struggles with priming the diesel heater but eventually found that it self-primed after turning it on and leaving it for some time. The video concluded with the heater operating, producing substantial heat in the garage.

Fitzee’s hands-on approach and resourceful solutions made for an engaging video, providing viewers with insights into the installation and practical use of the diesel heater in a real-world scenario.

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