Chip Foose Sketches a 1935 Chrysler Airflow

Chip Foose 1935 Chrysler Airflow Sketch

Renowned automotive designer Chip Foose recently took on an intriguing project involving a classic 1935 Chrysler Airflow. In a collaborative effort with Wes Rydell, who owns one of these vintage beauties, Foose was tasked with creating a distinctive drawing that would bring out the essence of the iconic automobile.

The project began with Foose’s vision to reimagine the 1935 Chrysler Airflow, originally a four-door model. In a skillful transformation, he converted it into a sleek two-door design. Foose made significant modifications by pushing the front fenders up and forward, executing a wedge cut for added flair. The intricate process involved merging the front and back doors into a singular, cohesive door. Additionally, he extended the rear quarter window and substantially changed the car’s roof.

The modified 1935 Chrysler Airflow, as envisioned by Foose, takes on a new personality while retaining the essence of the original design. The sketch serves as a testament to the possibilities of modifying classic cars to create unique and visually striking variations.

“I’m just going to get this sketch done and send it to Wes. We’ll see what happens with it,” Foose shared about the project’s current status…