Racing your 700R4/4L60E? Start with these Basic Upgrades

Mandatory 4l60E Racing Upgrades ~ For when you think the memes aren't real...

700R4 and 4L80E Transmission Racing Upgrades
700R4 and 4L80E Transmission Racing Upgrades

Your trusty steed is equipped with a 700R4/4L60E transmission. You want to race (or you already have and broke) it, and either can’t afford a swap or are simply too hard-headed to believe the memes and arm-chair crew-chiefs telling you to go with a 4L80E

Mongolian Motor Masher

From The Driveway Engineer, here are the upgrades considered mandatory to help your driveline stay in one piece at the race track.

700R4/4L60E Transmission Basic Upgrades for Racing

If you are seriously racing on a 4L60E, these upgrades are enough to get you started at the track. As with anything, the sky and your budget are the limits.

Are you still hunting for your transmission? Find donor vehicles that have the transmission (or engine, chassis) you need…