How To Identify a 4L60E Transmission and Decipher Case Tags

How To Identify a 4L60E Transmission and Decipher Case Tags

The 4L60E is a series of automatic transmissions from General Motors. Designed for longitudinal engine configurations, the series includes 4 forward gears and 1 reverse gear. The 4L60E is the electronically commanded evolution of the Turbo-Hydramatic 700R4, originally produced in 1982.

The TH700R4 was renamed “4L60” (RPO MD8) following the new General Motors naming convention when the electronic version, 4L60E (RPO M30), was phased in as the 4L60 was being phased out. This happened in 1993 for trucks, vans, and SUVs, and in 1994 for rear-wheel-drive passenger cars.

In 1996, a bolt-on bell housing was phased in (along with a six-bolt tailhousing) for S-10 Trucks and S-10 Blazers and beginning in 1998 for all other applications.

The 4L60E uses a 298mm input shaft for non-LS and a 300mm input shaft for LS applications. Beginning in 1998 a new 300mm torque converter with improved higher-capacity internals, 300mm style input shaft, and 300mm style pump was also introduced on models coupled to a Gen III Small Block. The 4L60E is rated to handle up to 360 ft-lb (490 N⋅m) of torque. It weighs 133 pounds without transmission fluid.

The 4L60E uses a 6.5″ depth bell with 6 bolts for non-gen 3 LS applications and a 7″ depth bell with 7 bolts for LS applications.

The 4L60E family of transmissions uses 2 shift solenoids, initially called Shift Solenoid A & Shift Solenoid B, later changed to comply with OBD II (On-Board Diagnostics revision 2) regulations to 1-2 Shift Solenoid & 2-3 Shift solenoid. By activating and deactivating the solenoids in a predetermined pattern by the PCM, 4 distinct gear ratios can be achieved. The last 4L60Es were only used in the GM Vans in 2013, before being replaced by the 6L80E. The shift solenoid pattern, also sometimes referred to as solenoid firing order, is as follows;

Shift Solenoid Pattern

1-2 Solenoid2-3 Solenoid
1st GearOnOn
2nd GearOffOn
3rd GearOffOff
4th GearOnOff

Gear Ratios


The 4L60E transmissions are built at Toledo Transmission in Toledo, Ohio, and have also been built at Romulus Transmission in Romulus, Michigan, as well as Ramos Arizpe, Mexico.

GM 4L60E Design Changes and Tags

This video discusses various case changes and other differences in the 4l60E Transmission variations since 1993, as grouped below.

  • 1993-1997
  • 1996-1999
  • 2000 and Newer

A full listing of 4L60E transmission case tag IDs appears below.

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GM 4L60E Case Tag Codes

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Tag IDYear
3CAD19934.3L C-Truck, G-Van
3CBD19934.3L C-Truck, G-Van
3CCD19935.0L C-Truck, G-Van
3CFD19935.0L C-Truck, G-Van
3CHD19935.7L C-Truck, G-Van
3CJD19935.7L C-Truck, G-Van
3CKD19936.2L C-Truck, G-Van
3CLD19936.2L C-Truck, G-Van
3CND19935.7L C-Truck
3KAD19934.3L K-Truck
3KBD19935.0L K-Truck
3KCD19935.7L K-Truck
3KDD19936.2L K-Truck
3KFD19934.3L K-Truck
3KJD19935.0L K-Truck
3KKD19935.7L K-Truck
3KSD19936.2L K-Truck
3MAD19934.3L L-Van
3MDD19934.3L L-Van
3MFD19934.3L M-Van
3MHD19934.3L L-Van
3MJD19934.3L M-Van
3MKD19934.3L M-Van
3MND19934.3L L-Van
3MSD19934.3L M-Van
3SHD19934.3L S-Truck
3SKD19934.3L S-Truck
3TAD19934.3L T-Truck
3TBD19934.3L S-Truck
3THD19934.3L T-Truck
3TJD19934.3L S-Truck
3TKD19934.3L T-Truck
3TLD19934.3L T-Truck
3WJD19934.3L C-Truck, G-Van
3WKD19934.3L C-Truck, G-Van
3WLD19935.0L C-Truck, G-Van
3WPD19935.0L C-Truck, G-Van
3WRD19935.7L C-Truck, G-Van
3WSD19935.7L C-Truck, G-Van
3WTD19936.2L C-Truck
3WUD19936.2L C-Truck, G-Van
4AHD19945.7L D-Car
4BBD19944.3L B-Car
4BCD19944.3L B-Car
4BFD19945.7L B-Car (Police)
4BWD19945.7L B, D-Car
4CAD19944.3L C-Truck, G-Van
4CBD19944.3L C-Truck, G-Van
4CCD19945.0L C-Truck, G-Van
4CFD19945.0L C-Truck, G-Van
4CHD19945.7L C-Truck, G-Van
4CJD19945.7L C-Truck, G-Van
4CMD19946.5L C-Truck
4CUD19946.5L C-Truck
4FDD19943.4L F-Car
4FFD19945.7L F-Car
4KAD19944.3L K-Truck
4KBD19945.0L, 5.7L K-Truck
4KCD19945.7L K-Truck
4KPD19946.5L K-Truck
4MDD19944.3L L-Van
4MJD19944.3L M-Van
4MND19944.3L L-Van
4MSD19944.3L M-Van
4SAD19942.2L S-Truck
4SHD19944.3L S-Truck
4TBD19944.3L S-Truck
4TAD19944.3L T-Truck
4TLD19944.3L T-Truck
4YDD19945.7L Corvette
5AHD19955.7L D-Car
5BBD19954.3L B-Car
5BCD19954.3L B-Car
5BFD19955.7L B-Car (Police)
5BWD19955.7L B, D-Car
5CAD19954.3L G-Van
5CCD19955.0L C-Truck, G-Van
5CDD19955.0L C-Truck, G-Van
5CFD19955.0L C-Truck, G-Van
5CHD19955.7L G-Van
5CJD19955.7L G-Van
5CKD19956.5L C-Truck
5CLD19955.7L C-Truck, G-Van
5CND19955.7L C-Truck, G-Van
5CRD19954.3L C-Truck
5CSD19954.3L C-Truck
5CTD19955.0L C-Truck, G-Van
5CUD19956.5L C-Truck
5CWD19955.0L C-Truck, G-Van
5CXD19954.3L C-Truck
5CYD19954.3L C-Truck
5CZD19955.7L C-Truck, G-Van
5FCD19953.8L F-Car
5FDD19953.4L F-Car
5FFD19955.7L F-Car
5KAD19954.3L K-Truck
5KBD19955.0L K-Truck
5KCD19955.7L K-Truck
5KHD19954.3L K-Truck
5KMD19956.5L K-Truck
5KPD19956.5L K-Truck
5KTD19955.0L K-Truck
5KWD19955.7L K-Truck
5LRD19955.7L C-Truck, G-Van
5LSD19956.5L C-Truck
5LUD19956.5L C-Truck
5MSD19954.3L M-Van
5MDD19954.3L L-Van
5SAD19952.2L S-Truck
5SHD19954.3L S-Truck
5TAD19954.3L T-Truck
5TBD19954.3L S-Truck
5TLD19954.3L T-Truck
5TYD19954.3L T-Truck
5TZD19954.3L S-Truck
5YDD19955.7L Corvette
6AHD19965.7L D-Car
6BBD19964.3L B-Car
6BCD19964.3L B-Car
6BFD19965.7L B-Car
6BHD19965.7L D-Car
6BKD19965.7L B-Car
6BWD19965.7L B, D-Car
6CAD19964.3L C-Truck
6CBD19964.3L C-Truck
6CCD19965.0L C-Truck; Standard cab
6CFD19965.0L C-Truck; Extended cab
6CHD19965.7L C-Truck; Standard cab
6CJD19965.7L C-Truck; Extended cab
6FBD19963.8L F-Car
6FCD19963.8L F-Car
6FFD19965.7L F-Car
6KAD19964.3L K-Truck
6KBD19965.0L K-Truck
6KCD19965.7L K-Truck
6MSD19964.3L M-Van
6MDD19964.3L T-Truck, L-Van
6SAD19962.2L S-Truck
6SHD19964.3L S-Truck
6TAD19964.3L T-Truck, L-Van
6TBD19964.3L S-Truck
6TLD19964.3L T-Truck
6WBD19965.0L G-Van
6WHD19965.7L G-Van
6YDD19965.7L Corvette
7CAD19974.3L C-Truck, G-Van
7CBD19974.3L C-Truck
7CCD19975.0L G-Van, C-Truck; Standard cab
7CFD19975.0L C-Truck; Extended cab
7CHD19975.7L G-Van, C-Truck; Standard cab
7CJD19975.7L C-Truck; Extended cab
7FBD19973.8L F-Car
7FCD19973.8L F-Car
7FFD19975.7L F-Car
7KAD19974.3L K-Truck
7KBD19975.0L K-Truck
7KCD19975.7L K-Truck
7MDD19974.3L T-Truck, L-Van
7MSD19974.3L M-Van
7SAD19972.2L S-Truck
7SHD19974.3L S-Truck
7TAD19974.3L T-Truck, L-Van
7TBD19974.3L S-Truck
7TLD19974.3L T-Truck, L-Van
8AAD19984.3L C-Truck, G-Van
8ABD19984.3L C-Truck
8ACD19984.3L K-Truck
8ADD19985.7L C-Truck; Extended cab
8AFD19985.0L, 5.7L C-Truck, G-Van
8AJD19985.0L, 5.7L K-Truck
8CAD19984.3L C-Truck, G-Van
8CBD19984.3L C-Truck
8CHD19985.0L, 5.7L C-Truck, G-Van
8CJD19985.0L, 5.7L C-Truck; Extended cab
8FBD19983.8L F-Car
8FCD19983.8L F-Car
8FFD19985.7L F-Car
8KAD19984.3L K-Truck
8KCD19985.0L, 5.7L K-Truck
8KXD19985.7L Yukon, Denali
8LPD19985.7L C-Truck Police Pkg.
8MSD19984.3L M-Van
8SAD19982.2L S-Truck
8SHD19984.3L S-Truck
8TAD19984.3L T-Truck, L-Van
8YDD19985.7L Corvette
9CAD19994.3L C-Truck Standard cab
9CBD19994.3L C-Truck Extended Cab
9CCD19994.8L C-Truck Standard cab
9CFD19994.8L C-Truck Extended cab
9CHD19995.3L C-Truck Standard cab
9CJD19995.3L C-Truck Extended cab
9FBD19993.8L F-Car
9FCD19993.8L F-Car
9FFD19995.7L F-Car
9KAD19994.3L K-Truck
9KBD19994.8L K-Truck
9KCD19995.3L K-Truck
9KXD19995.7L K-Truck
9LHD19995.0L, 5.7L C-Truck, G-Van
9LPD19995.7L C-Truck Police Pkg.
9LSD19995.0L, 5.7L C-Truck
9LUD19995.7L Tahoe
9MSD19994.3L M-Van
9SAD19992.2L S-Truck
9SHD19994.3L S-Truck
9TAD19994.3L T-Truck, L-Van
9WBD19994.3L G-Van
0CAD20004.3L C-Truck Standard cab
0CBD20004.3L C-Truck Extended Cab
0CCD20004.8L C-Truck Standard cab, Tahoe, Yukon
0CFD20004.8L C-Truck Extended cab
0CHD20005.3L C-Truck Standard Cab
0CJD20005.3L C-Truck Extended cab
0FBD20003.8L F-Car
0FCD20003.8L F-Car
0FFD20005.7L F-Car
0KAD20004.3L K-Truck
0KBD20004.8L K-Truck
0KCD20005.3L K-Truck
0KXD20005.7L K-Truck
0LHD20005.7L C-Truck & G-Van
0LPD20005.7L C-Truck Police Pkg.
0LUD20005.0L K-Truck
0MSD20004.3L M-Van
0SAD20002.2L S-Truck
0SHD20004.3L S-Truck
0TAD20004.3L T-Truck, L-Van
0WBD20004.3L G-Van
1CAD20014.3L C-Truck Standard cab
1CBD20014.3L C-Truck Extended cab
1CCD20014.8L C-Truck Standard cab, Yukon, Tahoe
1CFD20014.8L C-Truck Extended cab
1CHD20015.3L C-Truck Standard cab, Yukon, Tahoe
1CJD20015.3L C-Truck Extended cab
1FBD20013.8L F-Car
1FCD20013.8L F-Car
1FFD20015.7L F-Car
1KAD20014.3L K-Truck
1KBD20014.8L K-Truck, Yukon, Tahoe
1KCD20015.3L K-Truck
1KZD20016.0L K-Truck 4L65E
1LHD20015.0L, 5.7L G-Van
1MSD20014.3L M-Van
1SAD20012.2L S-Truck
1SHD20014.3L S-Truck
1TAD20014.3L T-Truck
1WBD20014.3L G-Van
1YDD20015.7L Corvette
2CAD20024.3L C-Truck Standard cab
2CBD20024.3L C-Truck Extended cab
2CCD20024.8L C-Truck Standard cab, Yukon, Tahoe
2CFD20024.8L C-Truck Extended cab
2CHD20025.3L C-Truck Standard cab, Escalade, Yukon, Tahoe
2CJD20025.3L C-Truck Extended cab
2FBD20023.8L F-Car
2FCD20023.8L F-Car
2FFD20025.7L F-Car
2KAD20024.3L K-Truck
2KBD20024.8L K-Truck, Yukon, Tahoe
2KCD20025.3L K-Truck
2KZD20026.0L K-Truck ,Yukon 4L65E
2LHD20025.0L, 5.7L G-Van
2MSD20024.3L M-Van
2SAD20022.2L S-Truck
2SDD20024.2L S-Truck
2SHD20024.3L S-Truck
2TAD20024.3L T-Truck, L-Van
2TDD20024.2L T-Truck
2WBD20024.3L G-Van
2YDD20025.7L Corvette
3CAD20034.3L C-Truck Standard cab, G-Van
3CBD20034.3L C-Truck Extended cab, G-Van
3CHD20034.8L, 5.3L G-Van, C-Truck Standard cab
3CJD20034.8L, 5.3L G-Van, C-Truck Extended cab
3KAD20034.3L K-Truck
3KCD20035.3L K-Truck, H-Van, T-Truck
3KZD20036.0L K-Truck 4L65E
3MSD20034.3L M-Van
3SAD20032.2L S-Truck
3SCD20034.3L S-Truck
3SDD20034.2L S-Truck
3SHD20034.3L S-Truck
3TAD20034.3L T-Truck, L-Van
3TDD20034.2L T-Truck
3YDD20035.7L Corvette
4CAD20044.3L C-Truck Standard cab, G-Van
4CBD20044.3L C-Truck Extended cab, G-Van
4CHD20044.8L, 5.3L G-Van, C-Truck Standard and Crew Cab
4CJD20044.8L, 5.3L G-Van, C-Truck Extended cab
4CTD20046.0L C-Truck 4L65E
4HVD20045.7L GTO
4KAD20044.3L K-Truck
4KCD20045.3L K-Truck, H-Van
4KZD20046.0L K-Truck 4L65E
4MSD20044.3L M-Van
4PCD20045.3L C-Truck Hybrid electric
4PKD20045.3L K-Truck Hybrid electric
4SCD20045.3L S-Truck
4SDD20044.2L S-Truck
4SHD20044.3L S-Truck
4SPD20043.5L S-Truck
4SVD20042.8L S-Truck
4TAD20044.3L T-Truck, L-Van
4TDD20044.2L T-Truck
4TPD20043.5L T-Truck
4TVD20042.8L T-Truck
4YDD20045.7L Corvette
5CAD20054.3L C-Truck Standard cab, G-Van
5CBD20054.3L C-Truck Extended cab, G-Van
5CHD20054.8L, 5.3L G-Van, C-Truck Standard and Crew Cab
5CJD20054.8L, 5.3L G-Van, C-Truck Extended cab
5CPD20055.3L C-Truck Police
5CSD20056.0L C-Truck 4L65E
5CZD20056.0L C-Truck 4L65E
5HMD20056.0L GTO 4L65E
5KAD20054.3L K-Truck
5KCD20054.8L, 5.3L K-Truck, H-Van
5KSD20056.0L K-Truck SS AWD 4L65E
5KZD20056.0L K-Truck 4L65E
5MSD20054.3L M-Van
5PCD20055.3L C-Truck Hybrid electric
5PKD20055.3L K-Truck Hybrid electric
5SCD20055.3L S-Truck
5SDD20054.2L S-Truck, Saab 9-7x
5SHD20054.3L S-Truck
5SPD20053.5L S-Truck
5SVD20052.8L S-Truck
5SZD20056.0L SSR 4L65E
5TAD20054.3L T-Truck, L-Van
5TDD20054.2L T-Truck, Saab 9-7x
5TPD20053.5L T-Truck
5TVD20052.8L T-Truck
5YDD20056.0L Corvette 4L65E
6CAD20064.3L C-Truck Standard cab, G-Van
6CBD20064.3L C-Truck Extended cab
6CHD20064.8L, 5.3L G-Van, C-Truck
6CJD20064.8L, 5.3L G-Van, C-Truck
6CPD20065.3L C-Truck Police
6CSD20066.0L C-Truck 4L65E
6CZD20066.0L Escalade 4L65E
6HMD20066.0L GTO 4L65E
6KAD20064.3L K-Truck
6KCD20064.8L, 5.3L K-Truck, H-Van
6KLD20065.3L T-Truck
6KZD20066.0L K-Truck 4L65E
6PCD20065.3L C-Truck Hybrid electric
6PKD20065.3L K-Truck Hybrid electric
6SDD20064.2L S-Truck, Saab 9-7x
6SJD20065.3L S-Truck
6SPD20063.5L S-Truck
6SVD20062.8L S-Truck
6SZD20066.0L SSR 4L65E
6TDD20064.2L T-Truck, Saab 9-7x
6TPD20063.5L T-Truck, H3
6TVD20062.8L T-Truck
7CAD20074.3L C-Truck Standard cab “Classic”, G-Van
7CBD20074.3L C-Truck Extended cab “Classic”
7CHD20074.8L, 5.3L G-Van, C-Truck Crew cab, Std. cab & Ext. cab 5 3/4′ bed “Classic”
7CJD20074.8L, 5.3L G-Van, C-Truck Ext. cab 6 1/2′ & 8′ bed “Classic”
7CLD20075.3L C & S-Truck
7CSD20076.0L C-Truck “Classic” 4L65E
7CVD20075.3L Tahoe Police
7KAD20074.3L K-Truck “Classic”
7KCD20074.8L, 5.3L K-Truck “Classic”, H-Van
7KLD20075.3L K & T-Truck, Saab 9-7x
7KZD20076.0L K-Truck 4L65E
7PCD20075.3L C-Truck Hybrid electric
7PKD20075.3L K-Truck Hybrid electric
7SDD20074.2L S-Truck
7SFD20073.7L S-Truck
7SJD20075.3L S-Truck
7SLD20072.9L S-Truck
7TDD20074.2L T-Truck, Saab 9-7x
7TLD20072.9L T-Truck
7TFD20073.7L T-Truck, H3
8CAD20084.3L C-Truck “New Body Style”
8CJD20085.3L C-Truck 8′ bed “New Body Style”
8CLD20084.8L, 5.3L C-Truck Std., Ext. cab 5 3/4′ – 6 1/2′ bed “New Body Style”
8KAD20084.3L K-Truck “New Body Style”
8KED20084.3L K-Truck “New Body Style”
8KLD20084.8L, 5.3L K-Truck “New Body Style” & 5.3L T-Truck, Saab 9-7x
8CAD20084.3L C-Truck & G-Van
8CLD20085.3L Avalanche, Tahoe, Van & Yukon
8CVD20085.3L Tahoe Police
8KAD20084.3L K-Truck
8KED20084.3L K-Truck
8KLD20085.3L K-Truck
8KND20085.3L K-Truck
8LAD20084.3L C-Truck
8LFD20084.8L / 5.3L C-Truck
8LND20085.3L K-Truck
8LVD20085.3L Tahoe Police
8SDD20084.2L S-Truck
8SFD20083.7L S-Truck
8SJD20085.3L S-Truck
8SLD20082.9L S-Truck
8SWD20084.2L S-Truck
8TAD20084.2L T-Truck
8TDD20084.2L T-Truck
8TFD20083.7L T-Truck
8TLD20082.9L T-Truck
8TWD20084.2L T-Truck, Saab 9-7x
8TZD20085.3L H3
9CND20094.3L C-Truck / G-Van, 4.3L K-Truck
9KPD20094.8L & 5.3L K-Truck / 5.3L H-Van
9LPD20094.8L C-Truck / 5.3L G-Van, 5.3L C-Truck
9TTD20092.9L & 3.7L T-Truck, H3, 2.9L & 3.7L S-Truck, 5.3L S-Truck, 5.3L T-Truck, H3
0KPD20105.3L H-Van & 4.8L K-Truck
0SHD20105.3L S-Truck
0STD20102.9L & 3.7L S-Truck
0TSD20105.3L T-Truck
0TTD20102.9L & 3.7L T-Truck, 4.3L C-Truck / G-Van
0AAR20114.3L C-Truck