LS Engine and 4L60e Swap On A Budget

Big Block to LS Engine and 4L60e Swap On A Budget

Part 1 – Chassis Intro, Oil Pan & Engine Mounts

Chuck Hanson takes us on a tour of his $100 69 Chevelle chassis he picked up on Craig’s List. He also walks us through as he swaps out his Big Block 454 for a 5.3L LS Engine and 4L60e Transmission.

Part 2 – High Performance Intake & Throttle Body Install

Chuck takes the old factory intake off the LS engine and replaces it with a high performance intake and throttle body.

Part 3 – Fuel Delivery System, Hose & Hose End Assembly

Chuck tackles the fuel delivery system and give us some tips on assembling the hose and hose ends.

Part 4 – Accessory Drive System

Chuck walks us through a simple install of the accessory drive system.

Part 5 – Exhaust System

Chuck shows us how to install an exhaust system by Flowtech Exhaust.

Part 6 – Cooling System

Chuck works on the cooling system.

Part 7 – Plumbing

Chuck walks us through the plumbing.

Part 8 – Holley EFI Installation

Chuck takes us through the remaining steps of wiring and firing up the LS engine with Holley’s EFI system.

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