Hot Rod / Rat Rod Wiring Diagram
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How To Wire Your Hot Rod

Hot Rod Wiring – Diagram Please Note: This diagram was designed for 12 volt systems, but can also be used for 6 volt systems. If used for 6 volt, make all the wires heavier by 2 gauges. For example 14 gauge wire will become 12 gauge, 10 gauge will be 8 gauge, etc. [More…]
Rat Rod Lawn Mower
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Rat Rod Lawn Mower

Michael Snow from Horneytown, North Carolina saw our Farmer’s Chopper post and shared his old school rat rod lawn mower with us. He tells us that he had an old riding lawn mower sitting around for parts, and one day he just went crazy on it. He lowered the front end, chopped the hood and grill, and more. [More…]
Anti-Lock Brakes ABS
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Understanding Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS)

An anti-lock braking system (ABS) is a system that prevents the wheels from locking while you are braking. It is a very safe and effective system and the purpose of this is twofold: it allows the driver to maintain steering control under heavy braking and, in most situations, it shortens the braking distance. [More…]