RolledRunner: Wrecked and Rolled 1969 Plymouth Road Runner Revival

Wrecked 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner

Dalton from Pole Barn Garage and owner of the Worlds Worst 1970 Pontiac GTO known as the Holey Goat has done it again! This time, he’s acquired the Worst 1969 Plymouth Road Runner on Earth.

This derelict Mopar, a factory 383/4-speed car, was perched up on blocks in the salvage yard decades ago after being rolled and wrecked, and later caught fire as someone was attempting to cut the pedals out of the car. This is the RolledRunner!

In the spirit of second chances, Dalton will revive and return this overlooked and unwanted beast to the road.

Road Trip and Retrieval of the RolledRunner

Come along as Dalton, and his son and brother road trip and adventure to Great Bend, Kansas to meet Chad at Nobody Else’s Auto to trade one pile of garbage, a 1960s Plymouth Sport Fury for, well, another pile of garbage — a wrecked, rolled and burned out 1969 Plymouth Road Runner…

Thanks to Buzz at Roadkill Customs for putting Dalton and Chad together and orchestrating the deal. See more of the roughly 1,500 project and parts vehicles Nobody Else’s Auto has to offer:

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Stay Tuned… You’ll see the entire revival right here!