1960s Plymouth Fury Engine Extraction and Trade-In for the Next Project

Plymouth Sport Fury

The 1970 Pontiac GTO known as the Holy Goat is on the road and it’s time for a new project for Pole Barn Garage. To that end, we put Dalton in touch with Chad from Nobody Else’s Auto in Great Bend, KS in an effort to locate an able stablemate for the Holey Goat.

Picking up the WORST Plymouth Sport Fury to Trade for the WORST 1969 Plymouth Road Runner Ever!

Dalton heads out to snag some trading material to wheel and deal his way into a 1969 Plymouth Road Runner from Chad at Nobody Else’s Auto in Great Bend, KS. Thanks to some creative spending, getting the car loaded wasn’t too much of a hassle…

Pulling the 383/727 Engine/Transmission Before the Trade

Dalton converts his farm truck’s bale spike into a super-sized tensile strength testing machine and proceeds to rip out the 383/727 from the worst Plymouth Sport Fury in existence. Unfortunately, the past years appear to have been fatal for the engine, but is the last step before hauling the car to Nobody Else’s Auto to swap for the rolled, wrecked, and burned 1969 Plymouth Road Runner, dubbed the RolledRunner — DO NOT try this at home…

The efforts paid off as Chad came up with a wrecked, rolled, and burned 1969 Plymouth Road Runner that has been on blocks in Chad’s yard for many years. Dalton and his crew of son and brother retrieved the derelict muscle car over Easter weekend.

In this video from Chad’s YouTube Channel, Nobody’s Show, Dalton’s Plymouth Sport Fury trade-in offering is unloaded and the RolledRunner is loaded and begins its journey home to the Pole Barn Garage…

A Closer Look at the Plymouth Sport Fury

This old Sport Fury is pretty rough, but it does still have some good bits and pieces that Chad’s sure someone will need for their restoration! You don’t see a Sport Fury very often, so it will be a good one to have around, even though she’s a little on the rough side!