The Holey Goat ~ Wrecked 1970 Pontiac GTO Goes From Dead to Driving

1970 Pontiac GTO Shot Full of Bullet Holes

This bullet hole-riddled 1970 Pontiac GTO was part of a 260+ vehicle auction in late 2021 that offloaded what was referred to as the Great Texas MOPAR Hoard. The brothers that owned the car used it for weekend target practice in the 70s and 80s thinking it was a LeMans.

Years later, the brothers checked out what it actually was, and found that the car is a 242 prefix VIN Pontiac, an actual GTO — aka The Humbler — with an automatic transmission and 400 CI V8.

On a whim after discovering the car via an Instagram post, Dalton Summitt from YouTube channel Pole Barn Garage entered a maximum bid of $200 and was notified not long after that this ‘Swiss Cheese’ Pontiac GTO was his, and since dubbed the #HoleyGoat.

The Holey Goat at the Auction Site

Here is a quick overview of the car from Steve Magnante

Some photos via Mr. Goodpliers and his coverage of the auction vehicles…

The Vison for the Holey Goat

Dalton has a vision for the car which he’s dubbed the ‘Holey Goat’ — he wants the stance to be akin to a ’70s street machine, big fat-tired Cragars all around with side-pipe exhaust — badassery straight out of the late ’70s street machine car culture scene…

Future Plans for the Holey Goat

Dalton also has lofty future plans for the car once he gets it operational:

  • Get the car titled (somehow).
  • License and insure the car.
  • Road trip the car back to the ranch he picked it up at and try to track down the surviving brother who shot it up to see his reaction.
  • Valet park the car at the nicest hotel in town.
  • Try to enter the car in a prestigious car show.
  • Try to get the car into The SEMA Show.
  • Road trip to the 2022 No Name Nationals in Sikeston, MO.

The Retrieval of the Holey Goat ~ A 1970 Pontiac GTO, Uh… Survivor?

Dalton and a friend make a 30-hour round trip to Big Spring, Texas to retrieve his latest terrible financial decision and auction purchase — arguably the worst 1970 Pontiac GTO ever…

Pole Barn Garage Holey Goat GTO

Part 2 ~ The Holey Goat 1970 Pontiac GTO Resurrection

Dalton digs in and explores this long-abused poncho, shares some of the history and how this car came to be, and beats on it a bit to start bringing the shape back…

Part 3 ~ Lipstick on a Pig

Dalton pulls the 400 CI small block and transmission that arrived with the car and works to get the firewall and front end ready for some fresh black paint, which really does feel like lipstick on a pig. But still, its progress towards making even the worst GTO on earth shine up to some of its former glory…

Part 4 ~ Krylon Rebuild

Some effort is spent getting the inside of the car cleaned up and ready for a coat of black paint, and Dalton works to ready the power plant to be installed (a 400ci V8 from a 1969 Pontiac Grand Prix, well worn with a Summit 2801 cam) with a sure-to-be-fast Krylon rattle-can rebuild…

Editor’s Note: Dalton plans on rebuilding the 400 that came with the GTO in the future…

Part 5 ~ Diff Diagnosis, Custom Bodywork, Little Of Everything

Dalton spends some effort on diagnosing the rear-end and finally gets the axle out, which fights him more than expected. He gets a dash pad mounted and combines a couple of center consoles to get this important component in place. The driver door gets remounted with a pair of on-hand hinges, but just does not quite fit as it used to…

Part 6 ~ Stopping Power and Heart Transplant

The Holey Goat gets some stopping power in both front and rear brakes, and the heart of this beast is transplanted with the donor engine…

Part 7 ~ The Funnel Ram, Radiator Rigging, plus more!

A shorter video here shot around the holidays. Having fun while still getting a few things done…

Part 8 ~ Electrification, Fan, Gauges, and Lights

Time to get the car wiring dialed in a fairly in-depth primer on the bare minimum required to make a car operational…

Part 9 ~ Luxurious Dashboard, More Lighting, and, Uh, More…

Dalton hit all kinds of stuff on the GTO this time around — he mostly finishes the wiring, begins the luxury interior installation, and repairs a fuel tank without cutting any corners whatsoever!

Part 10 ~ Suspension, Fuel Tank, and Trunk “Floor”

A light is beginning to appear at the end of the long, dark, dangerous tunnel that is this project car. You can now see it, hinting and tugging at your vision. Hope!

Dalton works to R&R the rear suspension, installs a shiny new fuel tank in this exceptionally terrible car, and crafts a brilliant custom trunk “floor”…

Part 11 ~ The Holey Goat Startup

Dalton hit all kinds of stuff this time around including revitalizing the suspension with used parts, the slushbox gets serviced, a race-ready slap-shift Pontiac Rallye Shifter is fitted, and finally, we find out: Will It Run?

He also announces that the Holey Goat will attend the No Name Nationals later this year!

Part 12 ~ Fenderizing, Door Fitment, and More

Dalton dives into bodywork with a hammer and dolly, ‘er floory on the fenders, works on the driver door fitment issues, gets the power steering hoses replaced, and installs a fresh battery. He also preps a future rear-end with help from his son for when the grenade that’s in it now grenades. The rear-end from Chevelle Ranch is a BOP 10-bolt Posi with 3.23 gears and represents a significant upgrade.

A donated shift indicator, shift plate, and shift knob for the Pontiac Rallye Shifter is added to the progressively improving interior accommodations, and the project generally moves forward…


It’s time for some HEAVY METAL work! Dalton beats the passenger side fender into submission, deals with the hood hinges, and the Holey Goat’s sheet metal is reunited with the car…

Part 14 ~ DIY Patina

There is a LOT of fun in this episode, so follow along as Dalton patinas an old decklid to make the HOLEY GOAT complete for the first time in many, many years. He also shows some EASY horsepower gains that anyone can pick up, and shares some big news…

Part 15 ~ Mood Lighting

Dalton adds some mood lighting, gets the trunk lid installed, and works the passenger door. Thanks to Holley, you’ll get a complete primer on doing a basic steering linkage rebuild on the cheap. And lastly, with about a month to go, can we make it to World of Wheels in Kanas City?

Part 16 ~ DEADLINE World of Wheels

Can Pole Barn Garage make it to the Autorama World of Wheels Car Show in Kansas City 2022? Will he lose the shop? How many wrenches will Dalton throw? Find out, right here, right now. Dalton freshens up the few interior pieces he has, shows you how to install U-joints the backyard way, and swaps the live grenade rear-end out for a non-lethal variety…

Bonus Video ~ See and Hear the Holey Goat Running with a Fresh Holley Brawler

Part 17 ~ Maiden Voyage! FIRST DRIVE In Decades + Big FAIL

The time has FINALLY come! The Holey Goat sees the open road for the first time in decades…

Part 18 ~ Windshield Installation

It’s time to answer the age-old question — how the HELL will Dalton get a windshield in this thing?!! Well, don’t worry; watch, and find out exactly how NEVER to install automotive glass…

Part 19 ~ Plug Wires, Field Testing and Burnout

Dalton wraps up some loose ends in preparation for World of Wheels Kansas City 2022 including taillights, hood scoops, and DIY custom fit plug wires. Now with 100 percent more burnout and field ripping…

Between Video Bonus!

No Name nationals Callout of Junkyard Mook’s Barn Fire ’73 Spicy Nova

It’s time for me to finally make a totally serious and dramatic challenge for No Name Nationals 2022! Junkyard Mook has a totally fine (ha) ’73 Nova dubbed “Spicy Nova”. It just seemed obvious that the Nova might be the only other “battle-tested” car truly worthy to be in the Holey Goat’s presence. If you want to see it, let her know you want to see these “survivors” run head to head later this year in some 1/8 miles drag strip action in Sikeston, MO!

Part 20 ~ CRAGARS and SIDE PIPES! Instant Street Machine Cred!

It’s a trip back to the 1970s Street Machine Era this time around, so strap in! The Holey Goat gets Cragar Mag Wheels with tires mounted at home and Brand-New Shiny Chrome Side Pipe Exhaust — and the side pipes might actually function! Plus, the seats get a much-needed upgrade!

Part 21 ~ Holey Goat Road Test

IT IS FINALLY TIME!!! Hitting the road in the Holey Goat, and proving that anybody can have fun, in anything! We get burnouts, backroads, and scenic views, and Dalton didn’t even lose the shop (this week).

Part 22 ~ Door Panels, CB Radio, Hood Tach, and Loose Ends

Before Dalton moves on to the 1959 Ford Custom project and the ’69 Plymouth RolledRunner, he has to wrap up a few things on the Holey Goat. He finishes off the interior, installs a hood “tach”, gets his ears on with a CB radio, and fixes a bad modulator valve…

Before and After ~ Heading To Autorama World of Wheels

Trailered on the way home from Texas
Trailered on the way to Autorama World of Wheels in Kansas City, MO March 18-20, 2022

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