Product Review: Testing JEGS Engine Sling and Engine Cradle

Jegs Engine Sling and Engine Cradle

JiveHive Jeff from YouTube Channel 2HacksGarage has largely wrapped up the 521 Big Block Ford he’s been building for the 2022 No Name Nationals. It’s time to lift and cradle the engine to move it to his place so he can do the final work in preparation for mounting it in the car.

Generally, a lift plate would be bolted to an intake to safely lift an engine, but this engine is equipped with a tunnel ram and it is recommended to not use it as a lift point. Enter the Jegs Engine Sling.

Better Than Your Standard Engine Lifting Chain

Simple and easy to use — Attach the JEGS Engine Sling to your hoist, bolt the four straps to your engine using header studs or exhaust bolt holes, and lift up to 1000 lbs. — No sweat! The sling’s solid nylon straps prevent the damage a chain could cause, plus the heavy-duty steel bolt mounting tabs bolt directly to an engine with all the accessories still attached.

Jegs Engine Sling

  • Engine Sling1000 lb. Capacity
  • 26 1/2 in. Length x 1 1/2 in. Diameter Bar


  • (2) 56 in. L x 1 1/2 in. W Blue Nylon Straps
  • (4) 3/8 in. Bolt Mounting Tabs

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Engine Cradle

Jegs offers engine cradles to fit most small block and big block engines. Browse the full selection on their website.