Ford Model T – How to Start & How to Drive

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I imported my 1925 Ford Model T from the USA, not far from Detroit, Michigan where it was built. In this video I demonstrate the T’s unusual controls and how they all work, I show you how to start a Model T, and I take you on a short drive at the end.

The Model T was manufactured between 1908 and 1927, and was know by various names including Tin Lizzie, Flivver, T‑Model Ford, or just ‘T’. The Model T set 1908 as the historic year that the automobile became popular.

It is generally regarded as the first affordable automobile, the car that opened travel to the common middle-class American; some of this was because of Ford’s innovations, including assembly line production instead of individual hand crafting.

On May 26, 1927, Henry Ford watched the 15 millionth Model T Ford roll off the assembly line at his factory in Highland Park, Michigan.

Correction: 55 psi only applies to clincher tires on earlier Model T’s. Since this is a 1925 model and has split rims and balloon tires, the correct tire pressure is 35 psi.

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