The Sweet Sounds of a Flathead Ford V8

Flathead Ford V8

This video was put together simply to share the sweet sounds of this Flathead Ford V8. Its a little long (just over 3 minutes), but with such an awesome sounding engine, we just had to share…

This motor came in as a block with original crank with the machine work completed in preparation for a rebuild. The parts came from Honest Charley Speed Shop, spec’d by hot rodding ace Mike Goodman including custom polished Sharp heads and dual carb intake.

Hal Everett spent some quality time assembling the motor and getting the carbs tuned as well as figuring out some distributor and water pump fitment issues. The result is one of the best sounding flathead motors that we have ever heard (and believe us we’ve heard a whole bunch of them).

Technical Specifications for this Flathead  Ford V8 engine build:

Wayne Pugh’s Honest Charley prepared Street Performance Flathead  Ford V8

Intended use: 1940 Ford Coupe

Engine: 1946 59AB
Bore: 3 3/8″
Stroke: 4″ Mercury crank
CID: 286

Heads: Sharp-fully polished
Cam: Isky 400 JR., ’49-’53 8BA type
Springs: Isky single 185-G
Valves/Guides: 1.5″ diameter, 8BA type. 45 degree seats

Rods: Scat H-beam
Pistons: Ross forged
Rings: Moly-metric

Intake: Sharp 2 x 2. Fully polished
Carbs: Stromberg 97. New. .043 jets
Air cleaners: OTB dome top 4140
Carb linkage : Stromberg premium
Rear breather: OTB 6825

Distributor: Mallory Unilite, ’49-’53 8BA type.
Water pumps: modern ’49-’53 8BA type. Bypass plugged
Crank pulley: Removed and relocated forward for alignment & to mount stock ’40 Ford fan.

Gaskets: Best brand. Graftite head gaskets.

Starter: Powermaster Vintage
Alternator: Powermaster early look
Headers: Reds, open exhaust

All parts, final assembly and startup by Honest Charley Speed Shop