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How To Build Your Project Car On A Budget

You’ve pulled the trigger on that project car and dragged it home. Project cars come in all shapes and sizes, so let’s assume you’ve found yourself one that runs, but just barely. Only your true die-hard hot-rod buddies get it. Everybody else thinks you’re crazy. You see what the non-believers can’t, not a rusty junkyard escapee but a soon-to-be cruiser that just needs a little tweaking to become a loyal daily driver… […]
How To Fix and Prevent Drive Shaft Vibration
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How To Fix/Prevent Driveline Vibration

Drive-Shaft/Universal Joint Cancellation Problem: Driveline / drive-shaft vibration. Driveline geometry incorrect. Drive Shaft Harmonics The process that can be used to address a condition called drive-shaft/universal joint cancellation, often referred to as adjusting pinion angle.  This […]