1965 International Harvester D-1100 on 1993 Ford F-350 Chassis Swap

1965 International Harvester D-1100 F-350 Chassis

This chassis swap specimen is a 1965 International D-1100 atop a complete 1993 Ford F-350 chassis and full drive-train with power brakes and power steering. 

The ’93 Ford F350 chassis donor truck was young with only 80,000 original miles on the odometer at the time of dismantling.

Ford F350 Chassis Swapped IH D-1100 ~ Resulting Specifications

1965 International Harvester D-1100 F-350 Chassis Swap
Mungus, as it’s known, the 1965 International Harvester D-1100 in its first iteration, before being mated with a 1993 F-350 donor truck’s chassis and full drivetrain…

This gnarly workhorse features a custom-built flatbed with plenty of tie-down points (all placed like a guy that has used tie-downs before would place them, usefully), under-bed toolbox and storage compartments, and an easily removable, forward flip front clip. The cab stays cold (or warm) with Vintage Air A/C. The interior is custom red and black with updated seats. The truck was built by Brian Garner, Roadkill Customs’ shop foreman

There is a crack in windshield. The driver-side window also has a crack, and does not roll down. There are currently no seat belts in the cab.

Vehicle Location: Peoria, AZ
Asking Price: SOLD!

The front clip completely separates from the chassis by pulling two hitch pins and quick-connects for the front lights…

Lifting the Cab off with a modified …

With a little creative modification to a cherry picker (engine lift), I mounted the “crane” to the bumper of the F-350 donor truck. None of the parts were modified to the point where the hoist could not be put back together…

After disconnecting everything, the cab was ready to be plucked off the chassis. From the time the lifting began, it took no more than 10 minutes to accomplish the cab removal — alone.

Work with what you have…

Brian Garner, Roadkill Customs