Father Helps Son Build His First Hot Rod ~ 1959 Ford Custom Sedan

1959 Ford Custom Sedan

Dalton at Pole Barn Garage is guiding JD, his 11-year-old son, through the trials and tribulations of building a hot rod. Together, they are working to bring a 1959 Ford Custom Sedan they acquired roughly 3 years ago to Hot Rod status!

They’ll be dropping a Big Block V8 mill in place of the tired 6-banger that’s in it now, doing some low-budget body and paintwork, and generally giving this old girl a once-over.

Preparation and Pulling the 6-Banger Out

The father/son duo work to get the basically shot (not shot like the Holey Goat, just well worn) 6-cylinder engine fired up one last time so they can get the car in the shop. When that does not go as hoped, they resort to Pole Barn Garage style efforts and finally move on to yanking the old mill out…

Budget Engine Bay Refresh

Dalton and JD take another step towards getting the 1959 Ford Custom Sedan back to its former glory and JD gets a crash course in spraying paint and a primer on how to freshen up an engine bay on the cheap…

Can We Save It? Learning By Big Block DISASTER!

JD learns a lesson in perseverance in this episode. Can they turn a locked up big block into lemonade?

Budget Ford 390 Rebuild

Rebuild a locked-up Ford 390 engine for less than $400? Impossible? No. Anything is possible if your standards are low enough. Dalton and JD tear into this derelict big block Ford and assemble a complete short block for less than $400 using backwoods rebuild techniques!

Lapping Valves & Final Engine Assembly

Dalton and JD hand lap valves and finish assembly of the once rusted solid 390 Ford V8 engine…

390 Ford FE Big Block Install — Will it Run?

Dalton and JD install the 390 Big Block Ford in this episode. Will the formerly rusted solid and locked up big block roar to life? What kind of challenges will JD face as the guys attempt to put the 1959 Ford Fairlane back on the road?

First Drive — Will it do a Burnout?

Dalton got the transmission installed and now it’s time to see what their ultra-low budget 390 big block has got! JD takes his first hot rod that he has poured hundreds of hours in for its first drive…

Ultra Low Budget Bodywork

The guys start the low-dollar budget bodywork and paint job on JD’s 1959 Ford Custom Sedan. Butchery? Yes. But anyone can do it for less than a month’s beer and gas station hot dog money…

Amazing Results with Cheap Tractor Paint

Dalton and JD get some color sprayed on the ’59 Ford Fairlane — For less than $400, they duo have bodyworked and sprayed this car — and demonstrated that you can too!

The 1959 Ford Gets Exhaust, Final Paint Detail, and New Wheels, and a Drive!

Time for some new dual exhaust from FLOWMONSTER for JD’s 1959 Ford Fairlane sedan! Behold the 390’s throaty sound as we take it for a spin, break down, but not before they clean up the ultra-low dollar paint job and install some new wheels!

MAIDEN VOYAGE! Goin’ Cruisin in 1959 Ford

The guys take JD’s Ford out for its first real test, and it performs!