This 1965 Mustang on ’96 Honda Civic Chassis Swap is Purist’s Kryptonite

Mustang Honda Civic Chassis Swap

…and that’s why we love it.

Dubbed “MASUTANGU” (Japanese for Mustang), this unlikely pair of popular automobiles is being cobbled and crafted together by YouTube channel Tom’s Refurb.

1965 Ford Mustang
Left for Dead 1965 Ford Mustang ~ Body Donor

The project got started in November of 2021, and Tom and his friends have been busting’ a move on the swap.

1996 Honda Civic with Turbocharged B Series VTEC Engine
1996 Honda Civic with Turbocharged B Series VTEC Engine ~ Chassis and Drivetrain Donor

The MASUTANGU Build ~ Part One

In the first part of this build series, Tom takes a 1,500lb, 400ish horsepower 1996 Honda Civic go-kart with a turbocharged DOHC VTEC B series engine and drops a ratty 1965 Ford Mustang body on top, likely making this the first turbo VTEC front-wheel-drive classic Mustang in existence.

The MASUTANGU Build ~ Part Two

In this second video, Tom and some friends get the Mustang body mounted onto the Honda chassis and tackle a majority of the necessary fabrication work. By the end, the car will be roughly 80% complete…

Part Three ~ The MASUTANGU Is Alive! 1965 Mustang on Honda Civic Chassis Swap

This project has been a ton of fun but has taken way longer than Tom had hoped. He still plans to do other custom metalwork on the rear and in the engine bay, but he’s gotten it to the point where she runs and is ready to RIP…

Part 4 ~ FWD Burnouts in a 1965 Ford Mustang!

Tom goes out and beats on the newly put together MASUTANGU! It’s surprisingly fast and impressively agile, and super fun to drive. Watch…

Hidden Camera Reactions at the Carlisle Ford Nationals

Tom takes MASUTANGU to the Carlisle Ford Nationals in Pennsylvania and hides a camera in the engine compartment to record the all the reactions to this Honda swapped, FWD Ford Mustang amalgamation…

Curious About The Honda Civic Chassis and Drivetrain Donor?

Here you go!