The Holey Goat 1970 Pontiac GTO Gets Legal and Goes Into The Wild!

1970 Pontiac GTO Burnout

Dalton from the YouTube channel Pole Barn Garage got a hot tip on a bullet-ridden 1970 Pontiac GTO sitting in a junkyard in Texas. He placed a bid of $200 and soon later learned he was the proud owner of this truly punished muscle car.

Many told him there was no way he’d get it driving and surely, never get it licensed. Others told him that he had to do a complete restoration, as it was a number matching car.

Wrecked 1970 Pontiac GTO
The wrecked, shot, and forgotten 1970 Pontiac GTO waiting for its forever home.

All along, Dalton had a plan — he wanted to put it back on the road as is — straighten the panels enough to reattach them to the car, drop a running Pontiac engine in it that he had on hand, and put it back on the streets, where he knows it belongs.

Dalton went through a several-month resurrection of the car, but he’s not done yet. While he used an on-hand engine and transmission to get the car driving, he is working to rebuild the number matching 400 CI V8 and is having the original TH400 automatic transmission rebuilt. Soon, this bullet hole-riddled muscle car will be complete again, but that’s not stopping him from cruising the Cragar wheel sporting, side-pipe spewing beast around town as he’s finally got the car a set of legal tags.

First Drive to the Gas Station, Burger Run, and General Antics

Ride along with Dalton and his 11-year-old son, JD (who’s busy building his first hot rod with his Dad), as they venture out into the wild, fuel the GTO at a pump for the first time, and grab some chow at a SONIC Drive-In.

Not satisfied with the mild antics so far, Dalton enlists his brother Cody to co-pilot as they put the muscle car through its paces later that evening…

Holey Goat Goes Cruisin’, Hits a Cruise-In and Does Burnouts

Dalton takes the Holey Goat for its furthest trip yet to a local car cruise-in. Check out sweet rides, reactions, and to top it off, Big Ole’ Burnouts!

Holey Goat vs Automatic Car Wash

Dalton and JD take the infamous Holey Goat through an automatic car wash! Absolute madness! This old 1970 Pontiac GTO has not seen this level of cleanliness, care, and detailing in decades, so they thought they’d throw in the ceramic coat for an extra $5!!!