1954 Studebaker Straight Axle Conversion ~ IT’S NOT A GASSER

1954 Studebaker

Calvin and Andrew from Nivlac57 drag the old 1954 Studebaker out of the barn to begin a conversion to a Bracket Drag Race Car!

The Studebaker was originally built for land speed racing and has set 18 records on the East Coast and has seen a top speed of 197 mph.

Getting Started on the ’54 Studebaker Project

Once the car is out of the garage and up on the lift, Andrew reminisces and talks about the history of the car and points out the modifications made to it years ago to prep it for land speed racing.

They remove all of the front end sheet metal and reunite its old Small Block Chevy Engine with it. Then they get it running for the first time in 10 years…

1954 Studebaker: Land Speed Missile to Bracket Drag Race Car

Andrew shows off the straight axle conversion on the 1954 Studebaker. They go over the front suspension geometry and how to eliminate death wobble and bump steer. Finally, they discuss the fact that this Studebaker is not a Gasser, and explain the differences between Gassers and Street Freaks…