1934 Ford Dirt Track Racecar Resurfaces After 50+ Years

1934 Ford Dirt Track Racecar
1934 Ford Dirt Track Racecar

The Hot Rod Hoarders check out a historic dirt track car that recently resurfaced on Facebook Marketplace in Chattanooga, Tennessee. This was once a real hot spot for dirt track racing, and of course, moonshine running.

This is a 1934 Ford five-window coupe, and it has some awesome vintage dirt track racing details, including a center seat arrangement, custom engine mount, frame modifications, a welded up driver’s door and more. Dirt track racing was NOT kind to these old cars, as most of them were involved in a crash, or were simply hacked up to be lighter.

They didn’t buy this one, but you gotta check it out to soak up all of its crusty goodness. This car was sold within a day of being listed and went to a great home in Georgia…

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