How To Make and Use a Tucking Hammer for Shrinking Sheet Metal

Homemade Tucking and Shrinking Hammer

Karl from Make It Kustom makes the ‘Mother Tucker’ — a heavy-hitting DIY nylon-tipped hammer that is perfect for shrinking sheet metal quickly when used with a sand or shot beater bag or shrinking stump.

Tucking Hammer Project Diagram
Tucking Hammer Project Diagram

Materials Needed for this Project:

(1) 16” hickory hammer handle (from Seymour Midwest or Amazon Alternative)
(1) 2” aluminum round bar 6” long (Amazon)
(2) 2” nylon round bar 3” long (Amazon)
(4) 3/8” coarse-thread x 1/2” set screws

Tucking/Shrinking Hammer Head
DIY Tucking/Shrinking Hammer Head Ready for Handle

DIY Tucking/Shrinking Hammer Build and Demonstration

Editor’s Note: This project does require the use of a metal lathe and mill.