Best Jump Starter/Power Stations? DieHard vs. DeWalt, CAT, More

Jump Starter Power Stations

Project Farm tests Jump Starter/Power Stations from:

  • DeWalt,
  • Stanley,
  • Schumacher,
  • Michelin,
  • Diehard,
  • ZunDian,
  • Stanley Fatmax,
  • CAT, and
  • Costway.

Each of the Power Stations is tested for Jump Starter performance including a bench test and jump-starting a vehicle with a drained battery. Air Compressors/tire inflators compared for speed inflating a flat tire.

The integrated power inverters are tested for peak watts. Power Station battery capacity compared using a large power inverter and a 500-watt load.

Editor’s Note: Project Farm purchased all of the Jump Starter/Power Inverters to ensure a fair and unbiased review.

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Best Jump Starter/Power Stations Test Results

Jump Starter/Power Station Test Result Chart
Best Jump Starter/Power Station Test Results

Jump Starter/Power Stations Tested In This Video

In no particular order: