850 HP “Sleeper-Touring” 1963 Ford Fairlane

850 HP “Sleeper-Touring” 1963 Ford Fairlane

This 1963 Ford Fairlane built by the Roadster Shop is the true definition of “Sleeper” — Only the subtlest of exterior touches and period-correct paint will hide the true performance of the John Kaase Boss 9 motor and IRS custom chassis.

Photo: Roadster Shop

Sleepers are far and away some of our favorite builds. There’s just something about a car that can perform like a modern sports car but could easily blend in thanks to its unassuming looks. This 1963 Ford Fairlane may not be a true sleeper in the purest sense, but there’s no doubt that its performance capabilities will surprise more than a few folks when it hits the streets.

The car was built for a customer who really enjoys cars with a very subtle, almost ‘sleeper’ exterior, but with the powertrain, handling, and performance that defies the subdued exterior.

The heart of the Fairlane is a 429ci John Kaase Boss 9 crate engine. The Boss 9 features Kaase’s own stack fuel injection induction system and is controlled via FAST’s XFi system. The estimated 850 horsepower is transferred through a T-56 Magnum 6-speed transmission on its way to the Fairlane’s fully independent rear end built by The RS.

We custom-made a chassis for the Fairlane incorporating our FAST TRACK front suspension and rear independent suspension,” says RS. “The car also features many subtle custom touches such as a completely handmade hood ‘power bulge’ to accommodate the giant Boss motor, but still appear factory from the outside. The Fairlane ride on custom-cut 18? billet wheels that will give the appearance of a factory-painted steel wheel and hubcap, but can still accommodate larger brakes.

We love it, and there seems to be more and more of this type of build popping up. Could “Sleeper-Touring” be the next trend for classic cars?