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How Much Oil Pressure is Needed and Why. Can You Free Hidden Power?

Engine Oil Pressure Gauge

It goes without saying: oil pressure is good — but too much can hurt horsepower and fuel economy.

Engine Oil Pressure Rule of Thumb

Per some of the old pros, such as Smokey Yunick and Bill “Grumpy” Jenkins, a good rule of thumb is between 7 and 10 PSI per 1,000 RPMs.

This old rule of thumb may be over-simplified, so Uncle Tony explains the basics of oil pressure as they apply to the typical production-based Ford, GM, and Mopar high-performance cars and trucks. He also explains why excessive oil pressure may be unnecessarily robbing your engine of power…

Engine Oil Pressure vs. Oil Flow

KCK Lubricants explains engine oil pressure in relation to flow over the bearing surface and the effect on component cooling and lubrication. The balance between engine oil pressure and oil flow is often misunderstood and ignored in the quest for more oil pressure.

Excessive oil pressure can present its own issues and problems. Correct engine oil pressure and oil flow are critical to engine life and the correct cooling of engine components, oil flow across the bearing journal is often increased as power and RPM are increased.