The Inaugural No Name Nationals Drag Race & Burnout Contest Coverage

The 2022 AHRA No Name Nationals at Jeffers Motorsports Park in Sikeston, MO featured several classes of drag racing, grudge and call-out races, a smokin’ burnout contest sponsored by, and a “Monkey Bike” Challenge. The event took place Friday, September 30th & Saturday, October 1st, 2022 at Jeffers Motorsports Park.

The No Name Nationals, a gathering of automotive content creators put together by Dallas Brown, President of the AHRA and John Wilburn, the Event Coordinator, was by all accounts a resounding success.

To participate, content creators needed a minimum of 500 YouTube subscribers. Many channels were created just for this event, and some of those have already grown into solid YouTube channels. The No Name 500 class, those registered for the event but had yet to reach 500, was sponsored by Roadkill Customs, who also mentored the channels as they they raced to make 500 before the event.

The pits were like a family reunion and the staging lanes ranged from rental cars to alcohol-burning racing machines. Announcer Ron Ward kept the festivities rolling like a seasoned veteran and the American Hot Rod Association and John Wilburn turned an understaffed race track into a wildly successful inaugural event.

No Name Nationals Group Photo on the Drag Strip

On Friday morning, the participants gathered along the drag strip to take a group photo…

Group Photo on Drag Strip at Jeffers Motorsports Park

Parade of Drag Race Cars and Participants

The Inaugural No Name Nationals drag race participant parade of cars at Jeffers Motorsports Park as they leave the drag strip after the group photo…

Drag Racing at the No Name Nationals

The drag racing was amazing, and everyone in the No Name Nationals community rose to the occasion to make the inaugural event an absolute success. Fun was had by all…

Drag Race Ride-Along at the No Name Nationals

The Dirty Hippie, aka Jeremy from Bad Tree Productions was kind enough (he was chompin’ at the bit) to take my son for a pass at the No Name Nationals at Jeffers Motorsports Park .

The drag race was supposed to be against Lil James from THE JAMES AND JAMES SHOW , but Big James waved off the run at the tree. Still, my son got his first chance to feel a solid car make an 1/8th mile pass down a proper drag strip…

The Burnout Contest

The Burnout Competition at the Inaugural AHRA No Name Nationals turned out to be an epic tire fryer with Charger383Mopar taking the top honors. The contest featured several Monkey Bikes and a host of cars and trucks that produced massive amounts of satisfying burnout smoke!

Participating channels included:

Awards and Closing Ceremony

Official No Name Nationals Award Winners

Playlist assembled by Mopar Den