The “F71” ~ F-100 / Crown Victoria P71 Chassis Swap

F-100 Crown Victoria Chassis Swap

Nathan of Nathan’s Garage is a self-described “ordinary guy in his garage trying to do way more than he should on his own.”

In this series of videos, he is chassis swapping a 1971 Ford F-100 Pick-up truck with a 2008 Ford Crown Victoria P71 Police Interceptor ~ A project he’s dubbed “The F71”.

He’ll also be shortening the long-bed to a short-bed to match the Crown Vic donor car’s wheelbase.

Note: This is a full example of swapping a late-model chassis under an older car or truck body, at home with normal tools and not much other help.

While we may have made some different decisions if doing this build ourselves, the intention in posting this series is to make you aware of the challenges and possible solutions so you know better what to expect in your own chassis swap project. For more information, see our Body / Chassis Swap Overview

Episode I – Tear down of the Crown Victoria P71…

Next: Episode II – The “F71” reaches the next phase…