Lawn Mower Racing ~ The Worlds CHEAPEST Motorsport

Lawn Mower Racing

This is Lawn Mower Racing — a bunch of maniacs get together in a field to do some of the craziest racing you’ve ever seen on 50mph lawn mowers.

For some reason, UK based YouTube channel Driven Media are giving it a go!

Scott, Will, and Callum from Driven Media go lawn mower racing.

The trio at Driven Media recently took three cheap cars to a track day, so the obvious next step was to take on the world of motorsport.

There’s just one big problem.

Motorsport is EXPENSIVE — A season of Formula 2 would cost you about two million dollars a year. A year of GT racing would cost you around $450K.

Lawn Mower racing, on the other hand costs LESS! You can sport a full season for just a couple grand, and that includes the mower!

So to give Lawn Mower Racing a go, the guys are going to do some practice on the fastest class of lawnmowers before doing a 20 minute race with 35 mowers on track — they’ve been thrown well and truly in the deep end…

Lawn Mower Racing

The guys head to Dorking, a market town in Surrey in South East England for the final round in the British Lawnmower Racing Championship…

The guys want to thank the British Lawnmower Racing Accusation (BLMRA) for having them…

About Driven Media

We’re three guys, a Pro-Driver, an Engineer and a Car Fan. We make videos about the fun side of cars – with stupid projects, ambitious engineering and just making a Subaru as fast as we possibly can.