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Quick and Easy DIY Headliner for Less Than $20

Car headliner covered with playing cards

Every hot rodder seems to miss at least one key component in their build, and more often than not, its the headliner. Here’s an idea from Dalton and JD from Pole Barn Garage that’ll set you back no more than $20, or even less depending on what you have on hand. This is a handsome solution to a common problem: what to do with the headliner.

DIY Car Headliner In Progress…

They took around 20 bucks worth of thrift shop playing cards and miscellaneous adhesives and arranged them into an alternative headliner in JD ’59 Ford. Use playing cards, post cards, decals, travel brochures, whatever — whatever you choose, this is a solid idea and is a great way to get around spending big bucks at the upholstery shop!