Popular V8 Engine Swap Dimension Chart ~ Will your engine choice fit?

List of common dimensions for the most popular engine swaps

Popular Engine Swap Dimension Chart
Popular Engine Swap Dimension Chart

Engine swaps always go better when you measure everything in advance and plan accordingly. If you already have an open engine bay, you can compare its dimensions to the table below to get an initial feel for how well your choice of engine will fit.

These specs will give you the overall height, length, and width of a fully dressed engine (oil pan, intake and carburetor, front accessory drives, exhaust), but they are general dimensions that can vary depending on what equipment you or the factory have installed.

The following caveats are stressed:

  • Check measurements with all engine accessories installed to prevent surprises like bolting in an engine and finding you have a half-inch of radiator clearance.
  • Choose the engine mounting method (rubber mounts, solid mounts, motor plate, etc.) before installation. The mounts you use can affect clearances, especially height.
  • Double-check—make that triple-check—hood clearance, firewall clearance, and fan-to-radiator clearance.
  • Ensure that the driveline angle is correct. You may have to adjust the engine location in the car to get the proper angle.
Chevrolet 262-400 SBC28″26″27″575 lbsRearRight
Chevrolet 396-454 BBC30 1/2″28″29″685 lbsRearRight
GM LS1/LS628″26″25″425 lbsRearRight
Ford 221-351W29″24″27 1/2″460 lbsFrontLeft
Ford 351C [1]29″24 1/2″28 1/2″550 lbsFrontRight
Ford 429-460 [2]30″27″29″720 lbsFrontRight
Ford 352-427FE [3]32″27″29″625 lbsFrontRight
Ford 4.6L SOHC [4]28″28 5/8″26″600 lbsFrontRight
Ford 4.6L DOHC [4]28″30″29 7/8″576 lbsFrontRight
Chrysler 273-36029″24″27″550 lbsFrontLeft
Chrysler 361-44030″29 1/2″29″670 lbsFrontLeft
Chrysler 426 HEMI32″29″32″690 lbsMiddleLeft

[1] 351W height to carburetor pad 23-3/4 inches, 289-302 height to top of pad is 20-3/4 inches.
[2] Does not cover Boss 429.
[3] Does not cover 427 SOHC.
[4] Width is valve cover to valve cover. Height is to top of valve covers.

Thanks to Summit Racing for this information.