Satan’s Rat Rod: Henry Kessler’s 1931 Ford

Satan’s Rat-Rod: Henry Kessler’s 1931 Ford

Meet Henry Kessler and his rat rod, Gretchen; one of the coolest rat-rods we’ve ever seen and a ride that turns heads wherever it goes.

It’s a black smoke belching, gasoline guzzling, animal of a car that’s not only amazing to look at, but has some cool hidden engineering and the ability to surprise even the most hardened of motor-heads.

Satan's Rat-Rod: 1931 Ford

Gretchen’s heart, a straight-6 Diamond-REO tractor engine, as well as the transmission and rear tires were ripped out of a 1951 White’s water truck.

Satan's Rat-Rod: 1931 Ford

Its engine makes 275 horsepower, a monstrous 1,640 lb-ft of torque, and has over 1,000,000 miles on the clock. The chassis was built from old municipal light poles from the City of Hollywood. The body, that’s from a 1931 Ford.

It’s the smaller details that really brought Henry’s build together and transformed it from a rat rod to a genuine work of art. The pedals cobbled together with nuts, bolts, and an old worm gear.

The headlights are off a 1942 Buick. It’s air scoops made from old steel toe boots (a great idea that we’ve implemented on a few of our builds, thanks Henry). There is nothing uncool about this car.

Satan's Rat-Rod: 1931 Ford
Henry Kessler’s 1931 Ford

We love that Gretchen is a real deal driver, and not another big money trailer queen. Henry has a fantastic philosophy about the car – it was built to be enjoyed, not only by himself, but by others as well.

Unlike many custom car owners who nearly have a brain aneurysm anytime someone breathes too near their car, Henry loves the attention and is very welcoming.

Satan's Rat-Rod: 1931 Ford

Most importantly, he wants to inspire the next generation and keep car culture alive. “Your taking a picture next to my car? Why don’t you throw your kid in there?”  Now that’s the right attitude…

Satan’s Rat Rod: 1931 Ford