Which Car Jump Starter Is Best? 17 Battery Boosters Tested

Jump start a car using the best portable car battery jump starter.

Car Jump Starter Battery Boosters
Which Car Jump Starter Is Best ~ 17 Battery Boosters Tested

Best Jump Starter Round 1 ~ Nov 11, 2019

Project Farm compares 8 jump starters, including a new supercapacitor car battery jump starter made by Autowit, lithium-ion jump starters, Harbor Freight Viking, Noco Boost GB 40, Sanrock, Topvision, DB Power, Audew, and a sealed lead-acid jump starter made by Duracell…

Best Jump Starter Round 2 ~ Nov 15, 2020

Episode 2 best car jump starter testing 9 different jump starters:

The jump starters tested in this round were requested by viewers after the Round 1 video above.

The jump starters were bench tested for peak cranking amps, and the starters were used on a V6 engine with a drained battery. Each jump starter was also used to jump-start a 4.2-liter diesel tractor. The units were tested both at ambient temperatures and after being placed inside a freezer set to 0F or -18C.

Finally, all of the jump starters were tested for total watt-hour capacity when used as a power bank.

To ensure an unbiased and fair review, Project Farm does not accept sponsorships or free items. Project Farm always purchases all of the products tested along with the supplies used for testing.