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DIY Folding Engine Run Stand Build Plans for Ford, GM, and Mopar

Build this engine run stand yourself to start, run, and tune your engine.

DIY Engine Run Stand Build Plans
DIY Engine Run Stand Build Plans

Engine run stands allow you to start, test, break in, and tune your engine before installing it in your vehicle.

Start, run and tune your engine before installing it into your car.

Like many car hobbyists, YouTuber roscoe445 has limited garage space for storing large equipment. When shopping for engine run stands, he couldn’t find anything inexpensive or collapsible.

He designed this engine start/test/run stand so that he could be sure his rebuilt engines were ready to run before installing them into project vehicles.

This stand collapses to less than 9″ deep to be stored under a bench, against a wall, or in a corner out of the way. It can be adapted to fit most V8 engines.

With some tube steel, a drill, and a welder, you can build one of these DIY engine run stands that collapse to a very storable 9″ in a weekend.

454 Big Block Chevy Running on the DIY Engine Run Stand

DIY Engine Run Stand Plans

This is a complete set of plans to build this engine stand. This is for plans only – no materials, parts, or engines included.

The plans include all dimensions, instructions, a list of materials required, illustrations, helpful pictures, and wiring diagrams.

“24 pages of plans and instructions. Sent in PDF format by eMail only.”

Purchase PDF DIY Engine Run Stand Plans on eBay ($8.50)

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