Installing 220v Outlets in the Shop ~ It’s Easier Than You Thought

Installing 220v Outlets

Jonathan Katz-Moses installs 220v outlets in his shop and demonstrates that it is likely easier than you thought.

He uses 2 pole 20 amp breakers, 12 gauge stranded wire, 20 amp 240v outlets, twist-lock 20 amp plugs, metal boxes, ¾ in conduit, and some drywall anchors.

You should consult your local code regulations before proceeding — Electricity can be dangerous and make sure that you know how to work with it before proceeding. Have a multimeter on hand and learn how to test to see if your box is hot.

Editor’s Note: In the video, Jonathan mentions grounding one metal electrical box. All metal boxes have to be grounded, which is why each box has a ground screw.

This video shows you how easy it can be to install but you MUST make sure you understand the process and we are not responsible if you screw up and burn your house down or die.