The Holey Goat ’70 GTO Crashes Kansas City Autorama World of Wheels

Holey Goat GTO at Autorama World of Wheels 2022

Pole Barn Garage made Autorama World of Wheels, Kansas City 2022! The shop is saved. Check out awesome reactions, Dalton’s serious competition for a trophy, plus lots of other great cars and trucks! Also, stay tuned to the end to see the Holey Goat drive out of the show on city streets!

Pole Barn Garage Behind the Scenes

Show Car Wash and Garage Clean-up

Here is some extra footage straight from the cutting room floor to you! Dalton shines up the Holey Goat for its public debut… and cleans up its mess!

About the 1970 Pontiac GTO aka Holey Goat

This true 1970 GTO was purchased from an auction in Big Spring, Texas dubbed, “The Great Mopar Hoard Auction” by Junkyard Gold’s Steve Magnante. YouTube Channel Pole Barn Garage‘s Dalton Summitt spotted a social media post by Mr. Magnante and promptly placed a $200 bid on the car. Two weeks pass, and suddenly, Dalton owns the car you see before you today.

The car was the only non-Mopar vehicle at the auction and was used as target practice for 30-40 years on the Haynie brother’s West Texas ranch. It has been submerged underwater, shot, smashed, yet here it sits, ready to see the road one more time.

After a grueling trip to retrieve the car and bring it back to Missouri, Pole Barn Garage got right to work on ‘massaging” the car, with a very budget-friendly attitude.

The body as you see it now is significantly better than upon receiving, hard as that is to believe. More than a foot of Texas dust was scraped out of the floors of the car.

The car came with its original 400ci engine and TH400 trans still in place, both escaped the firing squad unscathed, and are awaiting rebuilds in the future. Currently, the car sports a replacement 400ci engine, TH400, and 10 bolt Saf-T-Track differential, all used, to keep with the low-buck theme of the build.

The Holey Goat is an ISCA International Show Car Association Credentialed Automobile

The tags on the GTO were found in the car, and appear to date 1976, this car had a rough few years for sure. This also inspired the 1970’s “Street Machine” treatment applied here via Cragar SS mag wheels, air shocks, yellow Accel Plug wires, and Patriot side pipes. A combination of shiny and new, paired with wrecked, and rusted, makes for a unique overall aesthetic.

See every step of the Holey Goat build. Plans for the future include a road trip in the car, back to Big Spring, TX, for it to revisit its resting place. Dalton and the car will also be making a trip to Sikeston, MO for the No Name Nationals Sep 30-Oct-1, to enter a burnout competition and 1/8 mile drag racing.

Official Specifications:

  • Year: 1970
  • Make: Pontiac
  • Model: GTO
  • Engine: 400ci
  • Trans: TH400 Automatic
  • Gear Ratio: 3.23
  • Windows: Optional
  • Safety: Third
  • Air Conditioning: Extreme