Chasing Dreams and Stormin’ Bonneville

Stormin' Bonneville
Stormin' Bonneville

After 13 years Lucky Burton has set a plan to finally get this project done and achieve his goal of taking it to the Bonneville Salt Flats.

All the while, Lucky is chasing his dream to get the record run that will stamp his name in the books as fastest comp coupe — at least till the record is broken!

Stormin' Bonneville ~ Build In Progress

Stormin’ Bonneville Episode 1

In this opening episode, Lucky is well into the build with 6 months left, but time is moving fast.

Lucky gets a visit from fellow racer and Bean Bandit Fabian Valdez from Vintage Hammer. They head to northern California to see engine builder Tim McMaster from Hanford Auto Supply, who is going to get the flathead breathing again and pump the blood into the heart of this build…

Stormin’ Bonneville Episode 2

This episode begins with only 5 weeks left; Lucky and the fellas tear the car apart and clean, final weld, bodywork, and finally get some color on this pig…

This episode is dedicated to good friend Joe “T Creep” Teauge. RIP

Stormin’ Bonneville Episode 3

The guys are down to just 2 weeks as they gasp for time and all hands on deck to get the car wrapped — Master pinstriper and race car lettering guru, Dennis Jones lays down the art and stamps the final look of the car!

Stormin’ Bonneville Episode 4

The guys are finally on the way to Bonneville to live out Lucky’s 15-year dream, but Mother Nature has a different plan for them…

Stormin’ Bonneville Finale

The crew heads to El Mirage, California for a little test and tune and finally get to see what years of hard work can actually produce…

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