Squarebody 73-87 GM Truck Longbed to Shortbed Chassis Conversion Kit

GM Squarebody Truck

February 2022 — Brothers Trucks is proud to announce the release of their highly anticipated 1973-87 Longbed to Shortbed Conversion Kit.

Just like their 1963-72 version, this kit takes all of the confusion out of this conversion and will provide you with the necessary provisions to complete this popular conversion yourself.

The kit includes a laser-etched steel template, a high-strength steel inner “C” channel brace, a new shortbed front-to-rear brake line, new shortbed parking brake cables, and all of the necessary hardware to install the kit, along with highly detailed instructions.

The kit includes everything needed to shorten your long bed frame with basic hand tools in your own garage. It does require welding to finish the conversion, but with our steel inner braces, you will be able to safely transport the vehicle to a certified welder, if needed.

A shortbed gas tank is required. The driveshaft will also have to be shortened before re-installation.

How To Use The Chassis Conversion Kit

Get The Chassis Conversion Kit

The kit is available in four variations that cover square body Chevrolet and GMC trucks from 1973 to 1987:

  • 1973-75
  • 1976-80
  • 1981-83
  • 1984-87

Fits 1/2 & 3/4 (under 8200 GVW) ton trucks only. Will not fit 3/4 ton (over 8200 GVW or 1-ton applications.

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