How To Shorten a C10 Longbed to Shortbed with No Frame Welding

The Shortbed shortcut that saves time and frame rails

Shortened C10 Longbed to Shortbed with No Frame Welding
How To Shorten a C10 Longbed to Shortbed with No Frame Welding

Shortening a C10 is a tried and true way to increase value and fun. The trouble with this modification, generally, comes with removing the cab, cutting the frame in half, and re-locating the cab mounts.

Dan at DD Speed Shop has figured out how to shorten a C10 without any welding on the frame…

This approach might be a little harder with a trailing arm setup, but Dan did find out the frame rails are straight enough to relocate perches and cross members 12″ closer to the cab without any alignment issues.

Compared to the traditional approach of removing the cab, shortening, and plating the frame back together, this saves a lot of time and stress.

All told, Dan got a very rusty and rough frame ready for a short bed in a week worth of free time without compromising the integrity.

Although the frame kicks out around the axle, Dan did some measuring and figured out all the cross members for the bed land in a flat section of the frame.

Even with the truck lowered a couple of inches, the axle ended up with plenty of frame clearance.

Given how quickly 20 inches came off the frame, this is nothing short of impressive…

The other challenge with shortening a leaf spring truck comes down to the front shackle perches and shock mounts.

Continuing with the simple approach, Dan gusseted the front mounts with a chunk of angle iron and relocated the shock mounts back a few inches to increase travel.

Although it may not be the closest to factory, this is without a doubt a game-changer for the backyard hot rodder trying to shorten a C10 without all the extra hours, miles of welding wire, or twisted frame rails.