Serape Mexican Blanket Candy Paint Tutorial by Time Warp Custom Paint

Motorcycle Gas Tank Painted like Serape Mexican Blanket

Adam Paul, owner/operator at Time Warp Custom Paint shows you how to paint serape Mexican blanket pattern panel graphics on a Harley Davidson chopper tank.

You will learn how to:

  • sand and prep your parts for paint
  • apply wax and grease remover
  • how-to prime your parts for paint
  • mix and spray automotive base coat
  • spray metal flake paint
  • layout Lime Line fine line tape
  • paint lowrider style panel graphics
  • mix House of Kolor candy paint
  • apply clear coat
  • make airbrush stencils out of paper
  • airbrush paint a metal flake Mexican blanket design
  • airbrush paint lace
  • paint sun rays
  • remove factory decals

These methods will work on a variety of different surfaces like custom-paint motorcycle tanks and fenders.

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