How To Color Sand and Buff a Car After a Fresh Paint Job

Once your paint has had some time to cure and harden, it’s time to sand, buff, and polish. Mike takes you step-by-step through the process and offers some tips and tricks along the way.

You’ll see how to color-sand and buff a fresh paint job to get that mirror finish you are looking for.

Step-by-Step Color Sanding and Buffing Plus Tips & Tricks

  • The first step is to wet sand with 1500 grit any nibs or dirt that you can see on the paint’s surface.
  • Once any problem areas have been removed, jump up to 2000 grit to remove any orange peel.
  • After that, wet sand the whole panel with 2500 grit.
  • Finally, take a wool pad and 3M Rubbing Compound to buff out the scratches left behind from wet sanding.