“Raceday” at The Race of Gentlemen

The Race of Gentlemen on the Beach

YouTube channel Motor House, a long time favorite of ours has put out another excellent short film. “Raceday” is a short Film on what the race day at The Race of Gentlemen looks and sounds like.

From assembling these vintage race cars and bikes on the streets of Wildwood, NJ, to rolling onto the beach, to the color, excitement and anticipation of racing on the beach.

Raceday at The Race of Gentlemen Car Line Up

They hoped to capture the art and sounds of these old works of art. The graphics, the old speed parts, the sounds and the individual stamp each racer has put on their own cars to stand out from the crowd.

The Race of Gentlemen ~ “Raceday”

It’s not just the cars that make The Race of Gentlemen one of the most unique races in the world — it’s also the people that come together to enjoy these old cars and bikes and put them to use instead of sitting behind them in a lawn chair at a car show. Enjoy…