The Race of Gentlemen 2019 ~ Beach Races, Car Show & Swap Meet

The Race of Gentlemen 2019 Highlights ~ Photo by Tom Silver
The Race of Gentlemen 2019 Highlights ~ Photo by Tom Silver

TROG isn’t an invention. It’s been happening well before our founders were born, but now it has a name and a place in the foreground of modern culture. TROG taps into something primal and emotional. An escape from an impressively mundane world, offering a mechanical reprieve from its backlit, binary grip.

T.R.O.G. ~ The Greatest Race On Earth
T.R.O.G. ~ The Greatest Race On Earth

TROG events are real, jarring, and built on the strongest, sappiest foundation of all… friendship. A weekend retreat with late nights and early mornings, where you laugh and yell and experience nature in the strangest possible way. A reminder that the most admirable aspects of humanity have yet to die off.

The Race of Gentlemen (T.R.O.G) ~ 2019 Wildwood Beach Race Day Highlights

Race Day! The gates opened at 8 am ~ Racing begins when the tide goes out…

The Race of Gentlemen (T.R.O.G) ~ 2019 Car Show & Swap Meet Highlights

A celebration of the early custom car, “Customs by the Sea” is a traditional custom car show presented by Kustomrama, the Traditional Rod & Kustom Encyclopedia.

The rules are simple; Customs by the Sea is open for pre-1952 custom cars, restyled in a pre-1952 style…

The Race of Gentlemen 2019 ~ Photo by Tom Silver
The Race of Gentlemen 2019 ~ Photo by Tom Silver

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About The Race of Gentlemen

The inaugural Race of Gentlemen was held in 2012 on the beach in Asbury Park, NJ, just days before Hurricane Sandy made landfall. New Jersey has a storied tradition of beach racing, including an epic 1-mile beach race in Cape May during the summer of 1905.

The exhibition featured the likes of Henry Ford, Louis Chevrolet and speed record holder Walter Christie. At the time, the Cape May beach was deemed the “finest racing beach” in the world.

The Race of Gentlemen has since moved from Asbury Park to Wildwood—a stone’s throw from Cape May—for its flatter, wider beaches and legendary boardwalk. Enthusiasts now attend from all over the country to run their machines down a 1/8-mile straightaway in front of thousands of spectators.

The event continues to grow and garner international recognition, while laying the groundwork for additional exhibitions and races around the country.

About The Oilers Club

Founded by Jim Nelson in Southern California over 65 years ago, The Oilers Club was a small group of thrill-seeking friends that built and raced hot rods and motorcycles using outdated pre-WWII era chassis, bodies, motors, and parts.

In 2010, the keys to the club were handed to Meldon Van Riper Stultz III, a Jersey Shore native who, with his colorful crew of vintage car and motorcycle revivalists, now stage these rolling exhibitions at historically significant locations across the country.

About Tom Silver

Tom is an introvert that has recently decided to vlog on YouTube. After living much of his life in his head, he finally started honing his photo and video production skillsets and started making videos for the YouTube community. He has plenty of stories and experiences to share. His channel offers inspiration to anyone that may be looking for it.