1932 Ford Gasser Barn Find ~ Legit Drag Racing History Revealed

1932 Ford Gasser Barn Find
1932 Ford Gasser Barn Find

What is the ultimate barn find? Imagine a 1932 Ford three-window coupe Gasser in a chicken house. Now imagine that the car has deep drag racing history that goes back to 1957.

That’s what you get with this incredible car, a Deuce Coupe drag race car that’s been tucked away for 45 years. It was pulled out of the barn, sold to a fellow out West who got it running again, then went to Virginia and then back out West.

1932 Ford Gasser Barn Find with Legit Drag Racing History

This well-traveled ’32 Ford is one of the most epic barn finds of all time. The Hot Rod Hoarder digs into its history to document its time as a drag car, and tell you about the dudes who piloted it.

Through the years, this car was powered by a Ford Flathead V8, a 347ci Pontiac, a 370ci Pontiac, a 389ci Pontiac that was bored and stroked to 470+ci, an early Dodge Wedge with six carburetors, a 427ci FORD, and now a Buick Nailhead.

This is a hot rod, a barn find, a gasser, and a drag car all wrapped up into one amazing car. Big thanks to Lance at Speed & Chrome Illustrated.

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