1928 Ford Model A Coupe Goes From Yard Art To Driver

1928 Ford Model A Coupe

Ben from Rotter’s Garage bought a 1928 Ford Model A Coupe — This gem was being displayed as yard art!

Before this coupe became yard art roughly eight years ago, Ben was told it sat out in the woods of Wisconsin since the ’60s and that was confirmed since there were still 1960 tags on the car.

While loading the Model A onto the trailer, he realized the engine still turned over a bit which begs the question:

Will It Run?

Rotter’s Garage does a bit of work on a 1928 Model A Ford Coupe recently acquired through Facebook Marketplace…

Viewers Decide How The Yard Art ’28 Model A Coupe Gets Built

Ben has been kicking around a few ideas on how to build the Yard Art 1928 Model A coupe and came up with a few different options, but right off, he promises that it will not become a rat rod…

Yard Art 28′ Model A Coupe Build Part 1

The Engine Choice Has Been Made

Viewer Poll Results

Ben finally got the ol’ Model A down into the shop after a couple of weeks of some much-needed shop upgrades. The first plan of attack, get those fenders out of the way, and he begins to dismantle the car…

Stay Tuned…